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From: "Gordon Lickfold" <>
Subject: Re: [G] Report on the Pomeroy Project
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 15:49:12 +0100
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Andrew wrote that he wouldn't start a DNA study without funds to back it, to which Polly
replied, "I would not let that put you off setting up a yDNA Project" and Debbie said "I concur
with Polly's sentiments". And so do I !

I responded to Susan Meate's recruitment drive last autumn and registered the Lickfold Y-DNA
project at FamilyTreeDNA. Since then things have been slow, but I have recruited a "cousin" in
the USA - the paper records suggest we each descend from two Lickfold brothers born in circa
the 1520s. Our test results should come through in the next few weeks, so I'm waiting with
baited breath. Will we be the same on (say) circa 34 of the 37 markers?

Lickfold is a small (tiny?) study - gives just
135 in the UK, and I have established that all the males who I have found alive today anywhere
in the world link into one of 7 branches which all go back to the location Lickfold in the
1500s. So the DNA project may prove various hypotheses about how these 7 branches link

My plan is, assuming Fred and I get a 'good' match, to then target specific males to get them
interested. So I'm working initially on what might be termed an 'iterative' approach, before
seeking support and funds from all Lickfolds (and rellies) everywhere.

I'm bound to say that, this being early days in the Lickfold DNA project, I'm on a steep
learning curve. I'm still not entirely sure that I fully understand what a haplotype is (!)
But it seems to me that the somewhat scary aspects of trying to understand (some of) the
science of Y-DNA will be more than compensated for by the rich rewards that the project should

Gordon Lickfold
Henfield, West Sussex
Lickfold ONS (#313)

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