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From: "Frank Neher" <>
Subject: Your Records Coordinator for the Greathouse Database
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 08:42:24 -0700

To All Greathouse Cousins,

Today is my 85th birthday and it has caused me to think about the advisability of finding another list
member who would be willing to assume my roll as records coordinator.

Over the past several years we have accomplished a great deal in our effort to compile a database that
would correctly state the known descendants of Herman Groethausen, the immigrant ancestor. This database
now contains well over 20,000 individuals, unfortunately not all of the lines are connected. We have
been unable to locate proper documentation to establish the parents of the unconnected individuals. More
research is needed.

In the process of compiling the database I have maintained a file containing the written correspondence
and other information contained in documents, photos and other material. These files total about six
drawers of filing cabinet size. I have also mantained, and updated from time to time, printed copies of
all of the files in the database. These currently are kept in three-ring binders.

Most important I have backed up all of the files in the Family Tree Maker format by creating GEDCOM
files. These are duplicated by similar gedcom files that have been privatized to protect the privacy of
the living. (these have all been sent to Rick Greathouse and will be posted at the website

I list the following for your information and advise you that I can easily send you the gedcom files you
would like to have at your request:
Gedcoms: Individuals
Harmon Groethausen 5222
Johann Adolph 4287
David & Pensillah 274
Harmon & Mary Ann 437
Jacob Greathouse of Georgia 2353
John & Catherine Haack 2415
John & Sarah McDade 2924
Solomon and Catherine 2525
William & John of the
Shenandoah 1318
William & Barbara Cale 139
William Walter 920
Orphans 1118

I also have printed copies of several of the files that have since been updated that I would be glad to
share with anyone wishing to receive them:
Descendants of John & Sarah McDade 75 pages
Rebecca & Lenart Streeper 19
John & Catharina Haack 49
Jacob of Georgia 89
Harmon, Sr. & Mary Ann 9
Harmon, Jr. & Mary Ann 7
David Greathouse & Pensillah 15
Solomon & Catherine Little 47
Michael & Debbie Snawder 7 Orphans file
William Walter 35
William & Barbara Cale 12
Harmon Greathouse, Sr a second 12
Harmon Jr. & Mary Ann a second 13
Herman Groethausen 12/23/97 41
John and William older 43

To any one of you who would be willing to carry on as records coordinator I would ship the three-ring
binders containing the most recent updated printed files of the database. These number four 3 inch three
ring binders.

With all of the information contained in the written correspondence in the computer record and the
pictures and other documents held in the above three ring binders there is some question as to the value
of the correspondence files. Need help in determining this.

So with this information I await a message from one of you who would be willing to carry on in this very
worthwile effort. I have enjoyed every minute of my activity and value very highly the many wonderful
good friends I have met in the process. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Frank Neher
3142 Monterey
Malaga, WA 98828

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