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From: Lee Savage <>
Subject: Hanks
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 23:09:12 -0500


Susannah Hanks, dau. of William II,
b-12-18,1725, in Richmond County, Va.
d-after her husband's will was dated in 1764, in Amelia
County., Va.
m-William Hightower, 10-12-1743 in Richmond County, Va.
They migrated to and resided in Amelia County, Va.

Thomas b-1751 d-1803

Thomas Hanks, son of William II
b-7-26-1728 in Richmond County, Va.
d-1777, in Amelia County, Va.
Bequeathed 50 acres of land in Chesterfield County to a
nephew and Godson, Thomas Draper.*
Negro Ned 100
2 beds and furn 12
Wearing app 8 6
Saddle & bridle 1 10
Pot Hooks 0 10 0
Pewter 1 4 6
Chest 1 10 0
Fiddle, Parcel
books 3 9 0
Looking glass 3 5 0

* No record is found of a marriage, evidently Thomas was quite a
dandy fellow with his man his 'fiddel'. books and the looking
glass. What became of his horse? Perhaps he was ill for long
sold his horse. His will was signed as here and Thomas
Hightower was one of the witnesses.

Thoms Hancks.

James Hanks, son of William II
B- 2-12-1732 in Richmond County, Va.
No further records discovered, unless the James Hanks
of Amelia County, who purchased land there, 6-23-1768,
is this one.
Either this James Hanks or another James, whose wife was
Nancy, purchased land in Amelia, 10-26-1763, which
they sold, 3-19-1769.

For further reference see James Hanks, probable son of
Luke I.


Mott Hanks, son of John
b-4-21-1742 in Richmond County, Va.
d-1-3-1821 in Dobbs County, N.C.
m- 1st-Mary_______________

When the 1790 census of N.C., was taken Mott was living in Dobbs
County with 1 male over 16, himself, 2 males under 16 and
4 females. He had a family of 8 children, according to
R.T Hanks, so some must have been away from home or deceased.

Dobbs County was carved up into three counties, Wayne, Green, and
Lenoir, The Courthouse at Kinston, and Snow Hill have burned
and Mott's name is not found on the C.H. records at
Goldsboro, so not much can be known about him. There is a
record where he furnished a gun to the service of the Rev. War.

Nathan, b 2-28-1774
Woodman, b 11-1-1775
Issac, b 2-22-1776
Lucy, b 10-1-1778
Nancy, b 6-21-1780
Lucky, b 1783
Cotton, b 1-28-1786
Elijah, b 12-2-1781

John Hanks, son of John
b-in the 1740's in Va, thence to Dibbs County, N.C. In
1790 he had 9 in his family, probably including his
parents, for on 12-28-1793, John Sr. deeded to John Jr.,
100 acres on the North Side Neuce River.
m-Mary Dawson, probably in Richmond County, Va.
Thomas, b1-24-1777
Joshua, b-2-17-1787
Nathan, m 3-14-1822
Betsy, 8-16-1809


John Hanks, The identity of John Hankses without clues in doubtful.
If the John Hanks, who married Mary Dawson and lived in Hopkin
County, Ky. after 1800 was the son of John and Mary Mott Hanks, as
the evidence fits but does not confirm, he was probably born after
his parents had moved from the North Farnham Parish, for his birth
is not registered as are the births of two of his brothers.
He was in Dobbs County, N.C. by Sept. 8, 1776. Dobbs County as an
administrative unit, disappeared with the creation of Green, Wayne,
and Lenoir Counties. The county records of both Greene and Lenoir,
at Snow Hill and Kinston, were destroyed by fire, and it is not
possible to trace the family of John and Mary Mott Hanks there.
At the Wayne County, C.H. there is fortunately a single entry in the
Hanks name. As above stated, John Senr. deeded to John Jr., land
he acquired in 1776. No wife joined in the deed.
Presumably, the John Hanks Sr. who appeared in now Hopkins County,
Ky., just after 1800, is the John Hanks Jr. of Wayne County, N.C.,
and the John Hanks Jr. of Ky.is his son and the grandson of old
John back in N.C.
Mr. David Walter Gatlin, who srote, "Fondres of the Gatlin Family"
states that the Joshua Hanks, who m. Easter Gatlin, came from
N.C., and that the Gatlins came from Tenn. Another member of the
Gatlin Family, Velma Dean Manns (Mrs. Malcom) also has a Hanks
ancestor, Sarah, who marreid William Gatlin in N.C. Miss Emily
Hanks Marshall of Seattle, who has done some research on her
family states that they came to Kentucky from Duplin County, N.C.
Duplin County adjoins both Wayne and Lenoir Counties. So the
inference is that the Hankses of Hopkins County, Ky. were from
Eastern N.C.

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