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From: "Mike Lamb" <>
Subject: John Mayhew Harris
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 02:48:46 +0000

Hello Julie,

The part of my message where it said James Harris brother to
Samuel Mayhew Harris is incorrect and should have said James
Harris brother to the original John Mayhew Harris, son of Samuel
and Susanna [Mayhew] Harris. I don't blame you for being confused!
I get confused just trying to type and keep it all straight! Thanks
for catching that and Thanks for your William McMahon Harris for
preserving that history in his book and thank you for sharing.
William wrote on page 20 that James Harris's widow lived to
be very old. She was buried in the old cementery at Gentryville
in 1853 or 1854. She came to Missouri with her son-in-law,
John Setzer. My question is: Do you know if her grave stone
is still there and would you have any info on her?
All for now. Mike

>From: "David & Julie Keyser" <>
>Subject: Re: [KYHARDIN] Some Harris corrections
>Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 22:59:00 -0600
>THANKYOU!! It appears that your Jacob Harris is the brother of my John
>Mayhew Harris because on page 3 of William's book, he states in the third
>paragraph "My father said we were going to Gentry Co. Mo., but we had to
>wait until the grass was high enough to feed our stock. We moved in with
>'Uncle JACOB Harris' for two and a half months....." This was the spring
>of 1855 as was mentioned earlier on the page.
>William mentions on the first page that they lived in the house they rented
>from Samuel Mize six years. It is very possible they missed both of the
>Census' those two record years.
>My John Mayhew Harris, father of William McMahon Harris, was the son of
>James Harris. This is where I get confused....again. You state below
>"James Harris, brother to the original Samuel Mayhew Harris..." are you
>referring to the Samuel Harris that married Susannah as the original Samuel
>Mayhew Harris, or to the Samuel Mayhew Harris named by his father John
>Mayhew, born to Samuel and Susannah? Mike were you able to understand the
>genealogy on page 28 and 29 of William McMahons book? It is very
>confusing and obviously not written by William.
>But what still doesn't make sense is my William, along with his siblings
>Mary and Ezra showing up in the household of John A. Harris on a census
>record. Like I mentioned in my last response to Sandi's e-mail.....Frank
>Zappa had it right when he named his kids.
>----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike Lamb" <>
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>Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:54 PM
>Subject: FW: [KYHARDIN] Some Harris corrections
>>Hello Julie, Larry and all working on these Harrises from Hardin and
>>Grayson Counties, Ky.
>>First I would like to clear the confusion on John Mayhew
>>Harris born about 1761-1762 to Samuel and Susannah
>>(Mayhew) Harris. Sometimes he went by the name of
>>Mayhew and sometimes he is listed as John or John M.
>>Harris. He also named one of his sons, Samuel Mayhew.
>>This is the Harris line that moved to Arkansas. James
>>Harris, brother to the original Samuel Mayhew Harris, named
>>one of his sons John Mayhew Harris also. This your line
>>who went to Davis Co, Iowa and then the Gentry Co, Iowa.
>>OK, these are the John Mayhew Harris lines that we know
>>of. There maybe more as we do not have a complete
>>listings of children of the other brothers. Benjamin,
>>Rueben, Stephen, and Samuel Jr.
>>Usually when I am doing a query, I am working on the
>>John Mayhew Harris, son of Samuel and Susannah (Mayhew)
>>Harris, as he is the one that there seems to be the most
>>info on. My goal is to get more info on James Harris which
>>is my line.
>>Now on the John A Harris. Here is a web site for searching
>>the archives of any roots web lists.
>>When you get to this web page, in the name of the list
>>enter harris-hunters and then when that page comes up
>>go to the year 2000 and put in my name and you will see
>>that I did a query that year on all of the Harris' of Perry
>>Township of Davis County, Iowa. The John A Harris is not
>>your line but I do recall receiving an email from descendents
>>of this John A Harris. They also did not know how he fit
>>in and to this day, I do not know how this family of John
>>A Harris fits, but I am sure he must be related. Now
>>remember our group of Harris' are living amongst two other
>>clans of Harris families from Hardin and Grayson Counties,
>>Ky. These being the Masterson/Harris line and the
>>Samuel Merdia Harris line. It has been a lot of work to
>>keep all these Harris' separated when sometimes they
>>belong to the same churches. Hopefully the descendents
>>of John A Harris will email us again because I don't have
>>that email anymore. Your John Mayhew Harris I have
>>never found in the 1850 Davis County, Iowa census.
>>As I think they may have been in route to Davis County.
>>Also they don't show up in the 1856 Davis County,
>>Iowa census, as they may have just moved to Gentry
>>County, Missouri. But we know they were there according
>>to your William McMahon Harris' Recollections.
>>I hope I have cleared up some of the confusion and
>>the direction some of my querys are really going.
>>Here is my line:
>>Samuel and Susannah (Mayhew) Harris
>>James Harris
>>Jacob Harris
>>James Wyatt Harris
>>Wallace Henson Harris - my grandfather
>>All for now. Mike
>>>From: "David & Julie Keyser" <>
>>>Subject: [KYHARDIN] Some Harris corrections
>>>Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 14:50:02 -0600
>>>Mike I hate to add confusion to this whole thing, but somewhere along the
>>>line we are getting some important dates confused, or names (hardly
>>>surprising with this line). In William McMahon's Recollections book,
>>>I think most of you have a copy of, he states on page 20, third paragraph
>>>half way down, "Thus I learned that my grandfather, James Harris, and two
>>>brothers, Stephen and Mayhew (the latter my father was named after) were
>>>old revolutionary or colonial soldiers..." Also in the genealogy that
>>>Clifford Culver sent me, in January of 2004, he has listed my
>>>ggggrandfather, John Mayhew Harris, born 1807, married to Elizabeth Stone
>>>in 1849. However, I don't think the marriage date is right, and I know a
>>>few months ago that someone, I think you or Larry, e-mailed their actual
>>>marriage date on the list. I'm ready to shoot myself for not keeping
>>>track of everything well and for putting Clifford's work to the side for
>>>so long that I forgot about it. I'm afraid I have confused us all, and I
>>>do apologize, but I know that my ggggrandfather was indeed John Mayhew
>>>Harris. What is really bizarre is that Sandi sent me yesterday a record
>>>of who, from the Harris clan, was renting from Samuel Mize, in Davis
>>>county Iowa, at the time my gggrandfather states in his book he was there
>>>and his family staying at the rental of Mr. Mize. This is how it reads:
>>>John A. Harris 45 Ky b. abt 1805
>>>Isabelle Harris 44 Ky b. abt 1806
>>>John M. Harris 14 KY b. abt 1836
>>>James H. Harris 10 KY b. abt 1840
>>>Martha Harris 7 KY b. abt 1843
>>>William Harris 5 KY b. abt 1845
>>>Mary Harris 3 KY b. abt 1847
>>>Ezra Harris 1 IA b. abt 1850
>>>What makes no sense here is the names of the upper four people. The John
>>>A. Harris has the approximate birthdate of my ggggrandfather John Mayhew
>>>Harris, but I've not seen his name before or that of Isabelle Harris,
>>>plus the John M. Harris listed shows him to be more likely a brother of
>>>my William M. Harris listed above (the M. is missing in his middle name.)
>>> I know that has to be my William because, as Sandi pointed out, he has
>>>a sister named Mary listed and a brother named Ezra listed. I don't know
>>>where John M, James, or Martha Harris, referred to above, belong in my
>>>ggggrandfathers family. I've not read of their names as siblings to him
>>>anywhere before and I know his father was named John Mayhew Harris and
>>>his mother was likely Elizabeth Stone. She had been married previously
>>>and had a son named John Stone. So, I am relooking through everything
>>>again. I would ask everyone to turn to page 28 and 29 of William
>>>McMahon's Book of Recollections, to see if you recognize the different
>>>James and Samuels as that of any of your ancestors.
>>>Well I know this is all very difficult to unravel my fellow cousins, but
>>>somehow, we are all related one way or the other. I think we really need
>>>to find our most common ancestor and work down from there.
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