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From: "Randi Richardson" <>
Subject: Bloomington Bands: A History--Part 3
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 10:24:37 -0500

Bloomington (Indiana) World, June 24, 1896, p. 4.

When one stops to think of what the present band has accomplished, of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that it has overcome, it certainly is a matter of congratulation to the members and of pride to the citizens. Organized ten years ago. In all that time, the only outside aid it has ever had is the sum of $50 which the city council appropriated to assist in building the band stand, in the last ten years, too, they have been put to an enormous expense, and the mere fact that in all that time they have kept together without the least sign of discord in their midst proves them to be men of courage and men who love their work.

The repertoire, if we may call it such, of the present band is something wonderful. Over 300 pieces have been mastered by them, and at the Salem fair in 1892 they played for four days and never repeated a piece. The year before, the Salem people, more economical than wise, hired a band that knew but six tunes, necessitating a repetition of each some five or six times a day. When they heard our boys for four days and never heard a piece the second time, they thought it was something out of the ordinary, to say the least.

The idea of giving weekly concerts originated four years ago, and as a testimonial of our appreciation, you have only to attempt to crowd your way along the square some Thursday evening. A social feature of the Mechanics' band is their annual outing on White river. Once a year they hie themselves to the banks of that classic stream and spend the time in telling stories, fighting mosquitoes and discoursing sweet music to the inhabitants of Martinsville. The pathway of the Mechanics' band so far has not been strewn with roses. They have had difficulties but have bravely conquered them, and we are glad for their sakes to say that the sun is at last beginning to break through the clouds that have heretofore enveloped them.

The only recompense they ask is good fortune from now on, and the WORLD wishes it for them.

The end.

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