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From: "Joan Dodd" <>
Subject: names in 1860 "Blue Jacket" NZ diary
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 12:51:48 +1200

Dear List,
I thought that I would put a couple of entries from my step Grt
Grandmothers (Elizabeth Dodd) shipboard diary where other families were
mentioned. Others may be looking for material about these families.
Unfortunately punctutation was largely dispensed with, but I think it is

The ship was the Blue Jacket and it sailed from Liverpool, Sunday 23rd
September, 1860. The family were from Liverpool so didn't have to
endure those awful lodging houses etc. "A most beautiful day".

Arriving Auckland Tuesday Jan 22nd 1861. "quarter to 6 pm a most lovely
Excerpts with names
"29th November. 1860 going very well while very cold another Blue Jacket
Born The Rev. Lancaster".

"December the 1st 1860 at 3 oclock morning all the sailors up at work
in storm all sails taken in, the ship rolling awful going about 10 nots
an hour Douglas's youngest child died this afternoon"

The child was buried at sea the next morning at half past 6.

I think there was another family , the Russells, who settled near them
120 miles North of Auckland. They moved long before I was born so I
didn't know them. They are not mentioned in the diary. All I know is
that we bought a table from them which they had brought out from
England, and they were said to have been on the Blue Jacket with the

On Oct the 15th 1860 "rather squally passed the ship Shillip that sailed
from London August the 30th for Auckland"

On Oct 16th "passed a ship that sailed 7 days before us for Calcutta".

13th November "the little Blue Jacket died at 12 oclock at noon".
Unfortunately no mention of name nor mention of his birth, except it
was obviously on board, since he was named after the ship. He was
buried at sea the next day in the morning,at half past 5 Oclock.
Would be happy for anyone to repy directly to me. The rest of the diary
has a few interesting things; stroppy passengers fighting, putting same
in irons, charging the guns in case the stroppy passengers got out of
hand, sick cows, sailors' concerts but no names. Mainly about the
wheather, the state of the sea, sea sickness and the speed of the boat,
which seemed to vary a lot.

Joan Dodd

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