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Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] From Bro Don R Anderson "sitting on names" & NFSrollout
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 06:15:25 -0600
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In regards to the recent discussion about sitting on names, I attended a Family History Conference Saturday in Bountiful. The keynote speaker was Don R Anderson, who is the head of the Family History Library and Family History support. I also took 2 other classes taught by him. In one of the classes, he was asked this very question, if the church would ever set a time limit when cards people hold would "expire" and become available for some one else to do. He answered that this had been discussed at length by the church, that they were aware of the problem, and that they knew that something had to be done to solve it. He said that, as discussed here, the problem of what a reasonable time limit might be is very different in different areas of the world. On the Wasatch Front it might be a year or two, in the Philippines that if a member saved all his income that was not essential to sustain life, he could only expect to get to the temple every six years. He said that they had pretty much decided to have a time limit and that it would be set by the temple involved according to the needs of the members in that district; but it would be a while before we hear more about it, as this is not the top priority right now; the rollout problems are the top priority.

He also said that they are quite sure that they have solved the major problem that has stalled the release of NFS to more temples. They still have some programming to do until it is totally ready, but they are close enough they are beginning the rollout process again. (as we have heard on this list). It is stating up this week in the Vernal Temple, and will start in three months in the Twin Falls and Monticello temples. He also indicated that instead of releasing it to the entire Wasatch front at the same time, as had been previously announced, they would do the busiest temples last, so Bountiful and South Jordan would be last.

The question was asked, "How should we prepare our members to receive it." He did not say, "Teach them to know their ancestors, correct your info, & find sources" like I have heard in the past. He said something like this (not a word for word qoute) "Teach them the doctrine behind this work. Get them to feel the spirit. Let them know of the spirit that can help them in their lives when they get involved in this work. Then when NFS comes, they will be ready to participate in it."

One thing I found very interesting: He also said that they did a great deal of research as they began developing NFS on how to get more people involved in family history. He said the percentage of the church who actually do family history are in the low end of a single digit. As they talked to people to find out why they did not get involved, they found two distinct groups, those who did the work and those who did not do any, and that the two groups were afraid of each other. The group that doesn't do any family history feel we speak a different language, and they say, "I can't understand a word she is saying." They are afraid of feeling stupid. The people who do the work (us) are afraid that newcomers will mess up our hard work, "Sure, it would be great if you do genealogy. Just not on my tree." He said that we all had knowledge to contribute to make NFS be a correct record, and that to bring newcomers in, we had to develop a sense of community, that each one has something to contribute, and that their contributions are valued, that together we can build this record.

Doris Bateman, Ogden Temple District

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