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From: "W. David Samuelsen" <>
Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] Final phases of nFS roll-out
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 08:45:30 -0600
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consultants access is not same as member access.

Logan district completed member access rollout yesterday with last 14

Boise just started.

Don Anderson, who is direct of FamilySearch (that includes everything
that had been under Family History Department umbrella) made the
announcement last March at the FamilyExpo in Bountiful that both
Bountiful and Jordan River Temple districts are to be last districts.

David Samuelsen

Jill N. Crandell wrote:
> David wrote:
> Provo isn't the very last area.. Jordan River Temple district is.
> I would LOVE to be wrong on this! My question is: The Insider Blog says that
> Jordan River and Provo consultants both had access as of June 25. Two
> responses to the blog seem to indicate that Jordan River consultants do have
> access. I am a registered Provo consultant--have been for years--and I have
> not received the notification for consultants to gain access. Is that
> because I personally have had access already? Is the system that refined? I
> thought I would receive notification along with everyone else. I think I'll
> call a few friends today to find out.
> Also, I don't see anything on the blog saying that Jordan River will be
> last. Did I miss something? I thought my source was pretty reliable, but
> maybe not. I would be happy to be wrong!
> Jill Crandell
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