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Dear Missy and others,

It has been a couple of years since your postings regarding your search for Choctaw LIGHTFOOT. By this point in time you may be more aware that there are many others of us out here that are also searching for the same type of info. While we haven't resolved the whole situation yet, there may be missing pieces to be recovered by bringing more of us together in this search.

It would appear that there were one or more Choctaw family groups and Cherokee family groups or perhaps blended families of Choctaw and Cherokee and possibly other associated tribes of the name of LIGHTFOOT that received the name of LIGHTFOOT from marriages into the English descended LIGHTFOOT family group descending from (Reverend) Richard LIGHTFOOT of late 1500s Stoke Breurne, Northamptonshire, England, and his wife, Jane JONES, (daughter of (Captain) Roger JONES,) through their son, John (1) LIGHTFOOT, Sr., (Esquire,) a barrister, (Attorney at Law who studied at Oxford and Gray's Inn School of Law, (part of the Oxford University system,) of London, Middlesex, England, who married Elizabeth PHILLIPS, (daughter of Olive SAWYER and Francis PHILLIPS, (Exchequer to the Queen,) and through 2 of Elizabeth and John's several children who immigrated in abt. 1670 from England to Virginia who were Royal Navy sea (Captain) John LIGHTFOOT who began a family in Virginia before dying in!
Surinam in the West Indies in the Caribbean while his brother, Virginia militia (Colonel) Philip LIGHTFOOT stayed in Virginia and with wife, Alice CORBIN, (dau of Alice ELTONHEAD and Henry CORBIN who were shipowners,) and had children.

This particular group of LIGHTFOOT family and descendants were slave owners as well as the CORBINs and other connecting families including my HATTEN/HATTON family group and many others were also shipbuilders/shipowners and merchant mariners so it is highly likely that they were all or in part slave traders as well.

There was another John LIGHTFOOTE, (I believe descended from the Quaker LIGHTFOOT(e) group also with some out of London who also immigrated but earlier into Virginia.

There is one Cherokee group of LIGHTFOOT that the information begins about in the early to mid-1700s that cites their earliest ancestral grandfather as being a man who was named (Captain)/(Capt.)/(Cap.)/(Chief) John LIGHTFOOT who was the father of Nancy LIGHTFOOT and her sister Dorcas LIGHTFOOT who married into the DUNCAN, ADAIR and BENGE families. The BENGE family was from John "Trader/ Old Trader" BENGE who was possibly of Scottish or English origin and from Virginia where he had married Elizabeth LEWIS, daughter of William Terrell LEWIS, prominent Virginia family of Welsh descent. Elizabeth found out after the births of several children that John "Trader/Old Trader" BENGE had another Cherokee family happening at the same time with a Cherokee woman named WURTEH, born: Abt. 1750 in Tsalagi Town, (near/at Burnside, Kentucky which was a Chicamagua trading area,) who was the daughter of GREAT EAGLE, (descendants of MOYTOY.)

In addition, the BENGE family and connecting families also married into the family group of (Chief) John BOWLES, aka BOLD HUNTER, aka DUWALI/D'IWALI, born: Abt. 1750 in North Carolina, died: July 16, 1839 next to the current day small community of Redlands near Henderson, Rusk County, Texas and 20 miles east of current day Canton, Van Zandt County, Texas which is, I think, about 45 miles, give or take, from downtown Dallas, Texas, when he was killed on the 2nd day of fighting in the "BATTLE OF NECHES," which was the "LAST BATTLE OF THE TEXAS CHEROKEE," when as Chief of the Texas CHEROKEE, (Chief) John BOWLES, approximately 83 years old, led the approximate 800 tribal members, with approximately 600 of the group being women, children and elderly men, as they fought against the Texas Cavalry under the orders of Texas Republic President Mirabeau LAMAR who was taking back the apprx. 1.6 million acres of land given to the Texas CHEROKEE and the asssociated bands of Indians whic!
h had originally been orchestrated by former Texas Republic President Sam HOUSTON who also became a member of the Texas CHEROKEE tribe as well as marrying a CHEROKEE woman as his 2nd wife. LAMAR waited until HOUSTON was out of the state on business to take the opportunity to evict the Texas CHEROKEE from their land resulting in the "BATTLE OF NECHES."

It is not proven but I believe that this aforementioned (Chief) John BOWLES/DUWALI/BOLD HUNTER, born: Abt. 1750 in NC as John BOWLES, 1/2 Scottish, may be the same BOLD HUNTER that was my paternal 5th great grandfather. The aforementioned John BOWLES' father was said to have been a Scottish trader but I also find BOWLES from England immigrating in the 1600s, and 1/2 Cherokee from his mother, who later led his people out of the areas of NC and/or Georgia into Tennessee and across the south into Missouri where they were until the Great New Madrid Earthquake in 1811 then into Arkansas until 1819 when they moved into East Texas eventually settling in the aforementioned area between Canton, Van Zandt County and Henderson, Rusk County and I believe that before his known marriages when he was over 50 years old to the 3 wives recorded while in Texas and children that there were, most likely, other marriages and children in the eastern regions possibly North Carolina and/or Georgia!
. I believe it is highly likely that he is the same BOLD HUNTER, born: Abt. 1750 in North Carolina, died: in Texas, whom is known to be associated with the name of BOWLES and was the father of Sofia/Sophia HUNTER, possibly aka BOWLES and/or TOTER/TOATER who was the daughter of mother: BEAVER TOTER/TOATER whom is recorded in the CHEROKEE rolls of Georgia in 1835 and also mentioned in a book called "CHEROKEE PLANTERS OF GEORGIA," and is mentioned as a landowner so I think it highly likely that she was the daughter of a CHEROKEE Chief since it had only been about 3 years earlier that the first land deeds were given out by the U.S. Gov't. to CHEROKEE Chiefs. She was also the mother of sons, Jim TOTER, Light TOTER and Hog TOTER.

Sophia/Sofia HUNTER married Hugh PIERCE, (RS,) born: Abt. 1749 or in 1751 in Frederick County, Virginia, and Sophia died in 1859 in Henderson, Rusk County, Texas where she had moved to after her husband died with several of her sons and their families including George PIERCE and wife, Elizabeth McCRACKEN.

Sophia HUNTER and Hugh PIERCE, (RS,) were my paternal 4th great grandparents through their daughter, Elizabeth "Bettie" PIERCE, born: 1790 in 96th District, South Carolina, (formerly Spartanburg Dist. then 96th Dist. then Edgefield Dist. then County,) who married William MYRICK, born: Abt. 1790 in Barnwell County, SC, and they migrated into Mississippi Territory/Alabama settling in the area that became Jones County, Mississippi and Jasper County, Mississippi.

The PIERCE family traveling into Texas was with the KUYKENDALL and DeLOACH families that also married into the GOODWIN and MYRICK families and other connecting families including my connecting HERRINGTON, GRANTHAM, BARLOW, HATTEN/HATTON, LOTT families that married into the LIGHTFOOT family.

My maternal 3rd great grandmother, Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT, born: Abt. 1802 in Alabama/MS Territory, married my maternal 3rd great grandfather, William HATTEN, born: January 01, 1800 in Tar River, Nash County, NC, (formerly Edgecomb County, NC,) who was the son of Lewis Lamkin HATTEN and wife, Sarah "Sally" UNDERWOOD, (who appears to have Indian descent possibly CHEROKEE.)

Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT was the daughter of Absalom LOTT, born: Abt. 1758 in Edgecomb County, North Carolina,
(son of John (3) LOTT, (son of John (2) LOTT and wife, Elizabeth JOYNER, born: 1720 in Isle of Wight County, VA,) and Absalom's wife, Martha Jane Dorsey? LIGHTFOOT, born: Abt. 1763 in, perhaps, Virginia or in Antigua or onboard a ship to Antigua if, indeed, she is the daughter of the Philip LIGHTFOOT who was in Antigua from abt. 1763-1773. Martha Jane Dorsey? LIGHTFOOT's father is said to have been Philip LIGHTFOOT, born in early 1700s in Williamsburg, VA, of the English descended group from (Reverend) Richard LIGHTFOOT but not yet precisely sure which of the many Philip LIGHTFOOT men he was.

My aforementioned Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LIGHTFOOT, aka Mrs. William HATTEN, (the 1st wife,) died on or about May 01, 1840 during or immediately after the birth of her last son of 8 children as the family traveled from Mississippi through Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, (part of it is now Jackson Parish,) where, incidentally, a large contingent of CHOCTAW resided around that time under (Chief) TUSQUAHOMA, (I believe that is the correct name.) William HATTEN and his oldest sons fashioned a casket/coffin out of the family buckboard to bury Frances Lucretia "Patsy" in and she was buried near the road under/next to a tree on which, according to family legend, the words "CHOCTAW PRINCESS" were carved. Now, before the screaming starts, the CHOCTAW did not have a term "PRINCESS," however, it is possible that this was what was written precisely by her husband, for whatever reason in using the term, "PRINCESS," or it could be that this was the term given to whatever was actually writ!
ten by those latter descendants of hers as the information passed down through the family.

All of that said, Frances had a sister named Elizabeth LOTT who married a man named Thomas WATTS whose 'white family group' of WATTS is believed to somehow be related to the CHEROKEE family group of WATTS that married into the other CHEROKEE families mentioned above and Elizabeth LOTT's descendants also have the information in their group of descendants that she was part CHOCTAW.

The CHOCTAW descent 'legend' also exists in other of the LOTT branches from the marriage of Absalom LOTT and wife, Martha Jane Dorsey? LIGHTFOOT and appears to have entered with the mother of Martha most likely but we have no information, so far, on whom her mother was so that pretty much stops us at the moment. If Martha's father Philip was the Philip LIGHTFOOT that was in Antigua from Abt. 1763-1773 then his wife is thought to have been named Susannah ? and there was a daughter of theirs that was named Margaret Susannah LIGHTFOOT.

Martha Jane Dorsey? LIGHTFOOT, born: Abt. 1763, and Margaret Susannah LIGHTFOOT, born: Abt. 1765, both married in Abt. 1781 probably in Georgia.

And, of course, back to your original info that, perhaps, your CHOCTAW descended LIGHTFOOT family might have been those that inherited the name from plantation masters named LIGHTFOOT that could also have been the case. There, obviously, is not just one of LIGHTFOOT descent for all of the LIGHTFOOT individuals or for all of the LIGHTFOOT CHOCTAW and/or CHEROKEE individuals.

There is still much missing information and speculation here but, perhaps, there are some connections that someone will see that will lead us to new revelations.


Bellinda Myrick - Barnett

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