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Lofborough, Loofberry, Loofboro, Loofborow, Loofborrow, Loofbourow,
Loofbower, Loofburrow, Loughberry, Loughborough, Lovberry, Loveberry,
Lufbery, Lufburrow, Lufbury, Luffberry, Luftberry, Luvberry

1 FAMILY RECORD, Being a Complete Record of the Ancestry of H.A. Kelly
and Theo V. Kelly from Great Grandparents down to the Present
Generation. Blank record book pub. by Barse & Hopkins, New York (Owned
by Molly Kelly McCampbell)
2 The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy; First Families of
America; A Genealogical Encyclopedia of the United States, ed. by
Frederick A. VIRKUS, under the direction of Albert Nelson MARQUIS,
Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1968 (Fairfax Co. Public
Library, Fairfax, VA)
3 Muriel Loofburrow records: Ancestral Charts; Family Group Sheet;
Bible Records; Letter to Guy R. Loofbourrow, Westmoreland, KS; and
Narrative of Rebekah LAMB (received from Muriel LOOFBUR-ROW, K.C., MO;
all originated with Hazel Orcutt R. PUEHN, Salt Lake City 6, UT)
4 "Ancestral Charts of Members of the Ohio Genealogical Society," comp.
& pub. by OGS, Mansfield, OH, 1987 (Springfield, OH, 8/19/89)
5 Baptist Church History, MS, Republlic Co., KS
6 Cemetery Records, Clinton County, Iowa," collected from cemeteries
of Clinton Co. by Sara Jordan SCHLOTFELDT, Addie Merrell Lee Chapter,
D.A.R., DeWitt, Iowa, 1933 (Allen Co. Library, Ft. Wayne, I)
7 “Clark County, Ohio MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1818-1865”, F-L (Allen Co. Lib,
Ft. Wayne, IN, Aug 1989)
8 Carrie Alexander records: "John Loofborro/Loofborough died in Oct
1722..", computer print-out (Carrie Karen BOWERS)
9 Confederate Veteran, v.30, #1, Jan 1922, "James Henry Loughborough"
10 Cornflake Crusade, by Gerald CARSON, Rinehart & Co, Inc, NY 1957
(VA State Lib, Richmond)
11 County Home Records, Ohio (Clark Co. Hist Soc and Ohio State Hist Soc)
12 D.A.R. Lineage Book, (Ohio Hist Soc, Columbus OH, 8/26/89)
13 Early Vital Records of Ohio, Tax duplicate of 1818, 1819, Clark Co,
OH, copied by the DAR
14 Loofburrow, Muriel records, Family record sheets from Utah Archive
Records, (from Muriel, July 1978). Info obtained from Milton R.
LUFFBURROW, Tampa FL\ Mrs. Vincent Strong Mulford, Montclair, NJ\
Family Bible\ N-Jr Pub A V 34 974.9b2g; Richard Brown's "One Line of
Descent" B287 97,\ Hist. of Loofborrow fam. by John Loofborrow 1896\
Arthur Burton Loofbourrow, Milwaukee, Wis, June 1952 Bible rec.\ Arthur
Burton Loofbourow, son of Dr. John L. Milwaukie, Wis. June 7 1952 Bible
rec., Miss Mable Buss, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Will records, Mg Rec &
Census rec & Stella Miller, Mt Stirling, Ohio, Loofbourrow Cemetery
Survey 1952- Jay Co, IN\ 1850 Census Madison Co, OH, Bible rec. of John
& Mary Haff, 1850 Census Adams Co, IN\ Edgar Loofbourrow, Wellington,
Kans, g son of Lemuel P. Loofbourrow\ Victor L. Loofboro, 1006 W. Birch
Av, Milwaukee 9 Wis\ Chester Loofbourrow Bellville, KS\ Mg. Rec., Jay
Co, IN\County Histories, 1860 Census-Adams Co, IN\ Papers of Charles
Franklin Loofbourrow (dec.) loaned by Louise Wellman Loofbourow, SLC,
Ut.\ p. 57,58 A9B34 The Descendants of Peter Porter\ Aug 1860 Census
Clinton Co IA, 1850 Census Shelby Co, OH, Mrs. Alice Sarah Burdick,
Milton Wisc 1952 living, Dr. Er10 Bliss Loofboro\ Mrs. V.H. Hurley and
Mrs. Alice Sarah Burdick, Milton WISC\Marriage Records v.2 p. 411,
Portland, Jay Co, IN\ Dr. Victor Lestor Loofboro, 10906 W. Birch Av,
Milwaukee, Wis\ and submitted by Hazel PUEHN
15 "John Loofbourrow of Woodbridge, Founder of the Loofbourrow Family
in America," by Edith Loughborough MULFORDThe Genealogical Magazine of
New Jersey, vol. 34, Jan/Apr 1959, no.1/2 (KS Hist Soc, Topeka,197_,
pp. 1-8)
16 LOOFBURROW, Muriel K.C., MO, July 1978, records that she got from
Norman A. LUFBURROW, Pete LUFBURROW who may have gotten some from Milton
R. LUFBURROW, perhaps others
17 "Greene County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. II, Silvercreek
TWP”, comp. by the Greene Co. Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society,
Xenia, OH, 1984 (Ohio Gen. Society, Columbus, OH)
18 History of Clark County, Ohio; containing A Histoy of the County;
its Cities, Towns, etc.; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of
Early Settlers and Prominent Men; Map of Clark County; Constitution of
the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, etc., etc., W.H. Beers & Co.,
Chicago, 1881 (Allen Co.Lib, Ft. Wayne, IN, 7/31/78; also Clark Co.
Lib, Springfield, OH, 8/21/89)
19 History of Fayette County, Together with Historic Notes on the
Northwest and The State of Ohio; Gleaned from Early Authors, Old Maps
and Manuscripts, Private and Official Correspondence, and All Other
Authentic Sources, by R.S. DILLS, Odell & Mayer, Pubrs, Dayton, OH,
1881 (Ohio State Lib, Columbus)
20 History of Greene County, Ohio, Its People Industries and
Institutions, v.2, Hon. M.A. BROADSTONE, ed.-in-chief. B.F. Bowen &
Co.,Inc. Indianapolis IN, 1918 (Allen Co.Library, Fort Wayne, IN, 8/14/89)
21 History of Greene County, Ohio; Embracing the Organization of the
County, its Division into Townships, Sketches of Local Interest Gleaned
from the Pioneers from 1803 to 1840, Together with a Roster of the
Soldiers of the Revolution and the War of 1812, who were also, A Roster
of Ten Thousand ofthe Early Settlers from 1803 to 1840, by George F.
ROBINSON, S.J Clarke Pub., Chgo,1902 (Allen Co Lib, Fort Wayne, IN)
22 History of Harrison County, West Virginia; From the Early Days of
Northwestern Virginia to the Present, by Henry Haymond, Acme Pub. Co.,
Morgantown, W. VA, 1910 (Morgantown, WV, Pub Lib)
23 History of Clinton Co, IA, Clinton Co. Historical Soc., 1976, a
Bicentennial 1976 Project, Clinton Co. American Revolution Bicent'l
Comm; Iowa American Revolution Bicen'l Comm
24 "History of the Loofbourrow, Loughborough & Lufburrow Families, A,"
by Milton R. Lufburrow, Tampa, Florida, 1952; Finished March 1953 (Ohio
Genealogical Society, Columbus, OH, 9/6/89; also from Muriel LOOFBURROW,
Jul. 1978)
25 Indenture by Philip and Mary SPAHR and M.E. Church, 1837 (Greene Co,
Courthouse, Xenia, OH)
26 "Inventory of the County Archives of Ohio", prepared by The Ohio
Historical Records Survey Project, Division of Professional and Service
Projects, WPA, No.24 . Fayette Co. (Washington Court House),
Columbus, OH, Jul 1940 (Ohio State Lib, Columbus, 8/21/89)
27 LETTERS: Nathan Lufborough and John Randolph (VA Hist'l Society, Richmond)
28 CEM: Loofbourrow Cemetery, Jay County, IN , Allen Co. Lib, Ft.
Wayne, 7/31/78
29 "Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800”, Series I, vol. 4,
comp. & pub. by Dorothy F. Wulfeck, 51 Park Av, Naugatuck, CT, 1964
(Fairfax, VA, Pub Lib, 9/89 [SAME AS 34]
30 Marriage Records, Harrison County, Virginia (West Virginia) ,
1784-1850, ed. & arr. by Early H. MORRIS with New Index added by Susie
D. NICHOLSON, reprinted by The Bookmark, Knightstown, IND, 1977, by
Permission & Courtesy of Ft. Wayne Public Library (Fairfax Co. Public
Library, Fairfax, VA; ?/90)
31 Marriage Records of Adams Co, IN, 21 Aug 1836 through 4 Sep 1900
(Courthouse, Adams Co, IN)
32 Marriage Records of Clark Co, OH (Courthouse Springfield)
33 Marriage Records of Jay Co, IN, 1st Book-1854-1865; 2nd
Book-1884-1886 (Fort Wayne, IN 7/31/78)
34 [SAME AS 29]
35 Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800, Vol. 2, Surnames
I-Z, by Dorothy Ford WULFECK, Gen. Pub. Co, Inc., Baltimore, 1986
36 New Jersey Marriage Records, 1665-1800;, by William NElSON, Genea’l
Pub. Co., Baltimore, 1967 (MCPL 4/5/96)
37 KINSEY, Faye Kelly, note, undated, that Bernice LOOFBOURROW's
mother was Emma Lewis
38 MOORE, Mildred Kelly, note that Emily LOOFBOURROW's brother was
Davis LOOFBOURROW (shown to Molly by Mildred 7/11/85); also other notes
from Mildred.
39 Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, "Ohio Marriages," ed. by
Marjorie Smith (H.A.G. Gen'l Society, Kansas City, MO)
40 Pioneer Record and Reminiscences of the Early Settlers, and
Settlement of Fayette County, Ohio, by Rufus PUTNAM of Chillicothe, O.,
Applegate, Pounsford & Co. Print, 43 Main St., Cincinnati, 1872 (Ohio
State Lib, Columbus, 8/26/89)
41 CEM: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Republic Co, KS
42 Portrait and Biographical Record of Fayette, Pickaway and Madison
Counties, Ohio, Chapman Bros., Chicago, 1892 (Clark Co Pub
Lib,Springfield, OH, 8/21/89)
43 Probate Record(?), headed Tuesday Nov. 11th 1828 (Ohio State Hist.
Soc. 8/31/89)
44 Register of Deaths, Republic Co, KS (Courthouse, Belleville, KS, 6/14/83)
45 Richard Brown--One Line of Descendants, comp. by Col. Edward
Thomson MILLER, Miller Pubs, Plymouth, MI, 1959, "The Loofbourrow
Family; Showing the Ancestry of Harriet Loof borough who married Ira
Brown." (KS Hist Soc, Topeka, 197_)
46 Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812 ; pub. Under Authority
of Law by The Adjutant General of Ohio, 1916; Gen'l Pub. Co., Baltimore,
1968 (Clark Co. Hist. Soc, Springfield, OH)
47 Soundex records 4:162?
48 Tract Book, Adams Co, IN, with Index of Deeds, D.A.R., 1971 (Fort
Wayne Lib 7/31/78)
49 20th Century History of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio and
Representative Citizens, ed. and comp. by Hon. William M. ROCKEL,
Springfield, OH, pub. by Biographical PUb. Co., Chicago, IL, 1908
(Clark Co Pub Lib, Springfield, OH)
50 Turner Family Bible - Kinloch. The Plains VA-Fauq. Co. (VA Hist.
Soc. 9/30/89)
51 "Virginia County Court Records, Fairfax County, Virginia; DEED BOOK
K 19 May 1772-20 July 1773; DEED BOOK L 22 July 1773 - 20 June 1774;
RENTAL LIST for 1774," comp. & pub. by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, 1320
Mayflower Dr., McLean, VA 22101, 1988 (Fairfax Co Lib, VA, ?/89)
52 "Virginia County Court Records," Deed Abstracts of Fairfax Co., VA
(1774-1777) Fairfax County Deed Book M, 19 Sep 1774 15 Dec 1777, ed. &
pub. by Ruth & Sam SPARACIO, 1320 Mayflower Drive, McLean, VA 22101, c1988
53 "Notes from Bible Records," Old Burnley Bible in the possession of
Mrs. W. B. Ardery, Rocclicgan, Paris, KY, Virginia Historical Magazine,
v.37, 1929, (Fairfax, VA, Co Lib, 9/89)
54 West Virginians in the American Revolution; comp. and ed. by Ross B.
JOHNSTON. This is PUblication No. 1 of the W. VA. Historical Society,
Parkersburg, W VA, 1959 (Morgantown Public Library, Morgantown, WV, 1989)
55 West Virginians in the Revolution, (Ohio Hist. Soc., 8/89)
56 Wolfe's History of Clinton County, Iowa, v.2, P.B. WOLFE,
ed.-in-chief, B.F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis, IN, 1911 (Allen Co Lib,
Ft. Wayne, IN)
57 U.S. Census: 1787, Census of Virginia, v.1-3
58 U.S. Census: 1790, Virginia
59 U.S. Census: New Jersey in 1793. An Abstract and index to the 1793
Militia Census of the State of New Jersey, by James S. Norton, 1973
60 U.S. Census: 1820
61 U.S. Census: 1830, New Jersey, Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1975
62 U.S. Census: 1830, Ohio, Clark Co, Greene Twp, Roll 120
63 U.S. Census: 1840, Ohio, Clark Co, Springfield Twp Roll 120, p. 40
64 U.S. Census: 1850, Indiana, Adams Co, Jefferson Twp, Dwelling #s
771, 798, 764, 770, 766, 769
65 U.S. Census:1850, Ohio, Miami Co, Union Twp, Roll 711, Dwelling #2401
66 U.S. Census:1850, Indiana, Tipp Co, La Twp, p. 175 Penn., Cooper Co, p.26
67 U.S. Census: 1860, IN, Jay Co, Wabash Twp, House #383
68 Wills (I believe, Greene or Clark Co, OH), Case #A-234, Benjamin LOOFBOURROW
69 "CEMETERIES OF CLINTON CO., IOWA," Welton Seventh Day Baptist
Cemetery no. 4496 (Allen Co Lib., Ft. Wayne, IN, 8/89)
70 "1850 Federal Census of Adams County, IN; Indexed," Jefferson Twp,
comp. by Fayne E. Harter, Grabill, IN, 10 Feb 1869 (From O.E. Kelly who
rec'd it from the Gen. Soc. of the LDS in a report, microfilmed 4-10-72)
71 IGI, 1984 (OH State Lib, Columbus, 8/30/89; )
CO, KANSAS from 1869 to 1961," comp. by Mrs. David E. DICKERHOOF, 1961
73 "Inscriptions from Miscellaneous Cemeteries in Adams County,
Indiana," copied by Mrs. Electa Lochner, Allen Co. Lib, IN, 1966 (Allen
Co. Lib., Fort Wayne, IN)
74 INTERVIEW: KELLY, Lloyd, son of Quincy Allen KELLY and 1st cousin
of H.A. KELLY. (H. A. and I visited Lloyd at his home in Scandia twice:
once in 24 Aug. 1958 and again in Aug. 1963)
75 Pedigree Chart, B-2 (g 1966, HD) (I believe this came from Riley Co,
KS Gen. Library, 9/26/90)
76 The Randolphs of Virginia, by Robert Isham Randolph, Virginia Book
Co, PO Box 431, Berryville, VA 22611 (Rockingham Public Library,
Harrisonburg VA, 5/4/1990)
77 History of Republic County, 1868-1964, by Republic Co. Historical
Society, 1964. Pub. by Belleville Telescope
78 "Index of the Official Register of the Officers and Men of New
Jersey in the Revolutionary War," WPA (Indexes Stryker's "Men of New
Jersey in the War of the Revolution"(Ohio State Hist.Soc., 8/29/89)
79 History of Harrison Co., West Virginia, by Dorothy Davis, AAUW,
1970 (Morgantown Library, Monongahela Co, WV, 9/89)
80 "Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: an Index" (Allen Co. Library, Ft.
Wayne, Gc 977.1 B41 OW)
81 Virginia Historical Index, (SWEM)
82 DEEDS: Clark Co, OH, Deed Index, Grantee K, pp. 137, 203, 341;
Grantor K, pp. 296, 297, 91, 29; Book H; land records, __, pp. 52, 118
(handwritten notes, Clark Co. Courthouse, 8/23/89)
83 "Early Ohio Tax Records," by Esther Weygandt Powell
84 Davis, "The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia"; rev. and enlarg., by
Susie Davis Nicholson, 1979 (Morgantown, WV Public Lib, 9/13/89)
85 Lighting Ancestral Lamps; A Genealogical History of the Bunn and
Related Families , by William Benton Bunn, litho'd 1954, Springfield, IL
(Ft. Wayne Lib)
86 History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio, pub. by Williams
Bros.1796. 1880. (MCPL 10/24/90)
87 Babcock Genealogy , comp. by Stephen Babcock, Eaton & Mains, NY,
1903 (Ft. Wayne Lib, 5/18/91)
88 History of Fayette County, Ohio, 1984 , Fayette Co. Genealogical
Society, Washington Courthouse, OH,(Greene Co, OH, Dist. Lib, 5/10/91)
89 History of Shelby Co, Ohio and Representative Citizens by A.B.C.
Hitchcock, Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co., Chgo (Ft. Wayne,91)
90 "Some Descendants of John Loofburrow (Loughborough) of Woodridge,"
by Edith Loughborough Mulford, The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey ,
36:3, Sep 1961, Gen'l Soc. of New Jersey (Western Reserve Hist. Soc.
Lib, 5/7/91)
91 Marriage Records of Shelby County, Ohio," v.1, 1819-1870, comp. by
Barbara Adams and Gene Mozley, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1981 (Ft. Wayne)
92 Memorial Records of Shelby County, Ohio, 1819-1975 , comp. by
Barbara Adams and Gene Mozley, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1977 (Ft.
Wayne Lib, 4/27/91)
93 A History of the Communities of Shelby County, OH, reprinted from
the Sidney Daily News Bicentennial Issues (Ft. Wayne Lib, 4/27/91)
94 History of Shelby Co., Ohio, R. Sutton & Co, Philadelphia, 1883
(Ft. Wayne Lib.)
95 The 1787 Census of Virginia, v. 1 (of 3), comp. by Netti
Schreiner-Yantis and Florene S. Love, Geneal'l Books in Print,
Springfield, VA (Clark Co. Lib, 5/13/91)
96 "Early Marriage Bonds of Ohio," D.A.R., Book 2, F thru L, from Book
1-B (1821-1832) and Book 2 (1832-1845), 1986 (Clark Co. Lib, 5/13/91)
97 After Thirty Years; A Compete Roster by Townships of Greene Couhnty
Ohio Soldiers in the Late Civil War, comp. by George F. Robinson, Xenia,
OH, 1895 (Clark Co. Lib., 5/13/91)
98 Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in
the State of Ohio, Reprint, 1973 (Clark Co Lib, 8/21/89; also Clark Co.
Lib, 5/13/91)
99 Official Roster of the Solders of the State of Ohio in the War of
the Rebellion,1861-1866 , Vol. II, 1st-20th Regiments Infantry;
Wilstach, Baldwin & Co., 1886 (Clark Co Lib, 5/91)
100 "Early Clark County, Ohio Families Vital Statistics," vol. 5,
Friends of the Lib. Gen'l Research Group, Springfield, OH, 1990 (Clark
Co. Lib, 5/13/91)
101 "Seventh Day Baptists Notebook," Greene Co. Dist. Lib, Xenia, OH
(Greene Co. Lib, 5/10/91)
102 Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington, Clay and Riley
Counties, Kansas, Chapman Bros, Chgo, 1890 (KCPL, 6/91; also notes made
at IN State Lib 8/7/89, couldn't photocopy)
103 Miller, Jeff, printout of “Descendants of John Loofbourrow.”
(Rec’d by mail 2 May 1994)
104 Miller, Jeff. Ahnentafel Chart dated 4 Feb 1994, starting with
David Loofborow back to the 800’s. (Rec’d mail 5/2/94 )
105 History of Republic Co, KS, by I.O.SAVAGE, Jones& Chubbic, Art
Printers, Beloit, KS, 1901 (owned by Mildred Kelly Moore)
106 Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (Gen. Soc. of PA, 1300 Locust St,
Philadelphia) 30:4, 1978, “Opponents of the Revolution” (KSHS
4/22/95, pp. 238, 239, 246)
107 Davis Genealogy, Vol. 1, William Davis 1663-1909, comp. by Thomas
Clayton Davis (rec’d by mail Jan. 1992 from Seventh Day Baptist Center,
3120 Kennedy Road, P.O. Box 1678, Janesville, WI 53547-1678)
108 “Chancery and Common Please Court Records, Fayette County, Ohio,
1828-1878,” by Maude Post Rankin (MCPL, 5/14/96, tp, pp. 3, 7, 29, 30,
95, 96)
109 Index to War of 1812 Pension Files. Volume II: G-M , transcr. by
Virgil D. White, Nat. Hist. Pub. Co., Waynesboro, TN, 1989 (MCPL
9/11/96, tp, pp. 1194)
110 Membership Records of Seventh Day Baptists of Central New York
State, 1797-1940’s , by Ilou M. Sanford, Heritage Books, Inc (MCPL
9/11/96, 974.7 Sa57)
111 “ Listing of Inhabitants in 1783, Somerset County, Pennsylvania,”
Comp. by Victoria McQuillis, SW PA Gen Serv, 1987 (974.879 M243) (MCPL
112 History of Uniontown, Pennsylvania,the County Seat of Fayette Co.,by
James Hadden,1913. (MCPL 5/97)
113 History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches
of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men , ed. by Franklin Ellis,
Everts, 1882 (MCPL 4/14/96; also MCPL 5/20/97; also MCPL 6/9/97)
114 Genealogical Society of PA, Publications March 1931, Vol. XI No.
2 March 1932, Vol. XI No. 3
115 "FIRST DEATH BOOK", Greene Co. Ohio Courthouse, cc. and presented
to Greene County Library by Mrs. Charles (Martha) Hollingsworth, 1970
(Greene Co. Dist. Lib., 5/10/91.)
116 Snow's History of Adams County, Indiana, by J.F. SNOW, B.S., B.F.
Bowen & Co, publishers, Indianapolis, IN, 1907 (Allen Co. Lib, Gc
977.201 Adls)
117 Van Horn,O.E,Family group sheets for families descended from John
LOOFBOURROW. ( mail 11/98)

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