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From: David McCallister <>
Subject: Re: [MCCALLISTER] Re: Parents of James McCallister?
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 19:21:41 -0500
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As a WV McCallister descendant I find some of the "data" of the J04 line
(supposedly James McCallister b abt 1720/30 in Ireland) highly suspect.
1. There is no proof that James was born 1730/20. I think this was an
estimate of someone and has been repeated numerous times. I also have to
estimate birth dates based on generations, but when I enter the date I also
put "about" before that date. That clearly identifies that I'm not sure of
the date and am making an educated "guesstimate." By no means am I claiming
that the year is absolute.
2. There is no proof that James was born in Ireland. There were
McAllisters in the north-eastern states in the early 1700s and he could be
from there.
3. Someone saw a PA marriage between a James McAllister and a Mary
McCloughlin and the "wife Mary" mentioned in James' 1801 will. A hasty
conclusion in my opinion. James and Mary were VERY common names in that
4. James' grandson Richard (born abt 1792) married Cynthia McCallister
(born about 1825, dau of Richard McCallister b abt 1802). Many J04 gedcoms
have erroneous data that her sons Jason Rice and William Hamilton are sons
of that 1857 marriage, even though Jason was b 1850 and William 1852.

I highly suspect that my WV McCallister line is part of the J04 due to the
same migration locations and times (Bath/August Co VA to Kanawha Co WV in
late 1810s), but have not found proof to substantiate that theory. This
possible connection is why I keep my "ear to the ground" on J04 research.

I guess the moral of the story is that you need to verify yourself the data
people provide you. Extensive "documentation" is great, but if the
originator's methods were shoddy the whole research is in question. I don't
care if something has been printed in some genealogical publication. That
"stature" is not sufficient in my mind that I will accept it as the truth.
There is a lot of garbage genealogy out there on the internet and it is up
to each of us to verify and challenge our own research. Yes, our own
research. How many of us have made incorrect assumptions that led us onto
wild goose chases? That's why I ask others researching that line to
question my theory before I expend a lot of effort.

David McCallister
CMA J43 line coordinator

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Subject: [MCCALLISTER] Re: Parents of James McCallister?

> Hi Kathy!
> This is my line too. Doing as extensive research as I've been able w/ my
resources, I have not found the parents of James McCallister and Mary
McGloughlin or proof of the marriage in PA.
> I have a copy of the pages listing the two with a little info from "The
Bicentennial History of Bath County ,Virginia" 1791-1991 by The Bath County
Historical Society if you would like a copy.
> Thanks! Dena

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