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From: "Jack Goins" <>
Subject: [MELUNGEON-DNA] Core Melungeon Y-DNA,Core Melungeon mtDNA and Melungeon Families will continue.
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 19:38:52 -0400

Here are some facts about our projects. First and foremost, the Core Melungeon project will continue and the results will be updated for a review when other facts are known, especially the mtDNA. I would love to have as many maternal tests as paternal and this is recruiting. We have had several new additions since the review and most of my emails and phone calls have been positive concerning the Peer Review.

In most cases we don't know the Haplogroup of the person joining the project, so this big lie being broadcast about me recruiting Haplogroups E can easily be proven false, because everyone who joins the Core and mtDNA projects makes a request to Family Tree and that request is sent to the administrators for approval. In most cases the person has not been tested. This should be taken as a warning for those who keep on with the lies about me recruiting E haplogroups.

The age of a haplogroups has nothing to do with how much African or Indian genes you presently have. From FTDNA Haplogroup E1b1a is an African lineage. It is currently hypothesized that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa within the last 3,000 years with the Bantu agricultural expansion. E1b1a is also the most common lineage among African Americans. It is an old, diverse haplogroup with many branches and is found distributed throughout Africa today. It is also found at a very low frequency in North Africa and the Middle East.

No E haplogroup has been found in the remains of NA, The Native American Haplogroup is 10 to 15 thousand years for Q1a3a1 formerly known as Q3, Only found in the Americas

Joanne keeps bring up this Q haplogroup, one just yesterday a Lawson, The one I was told about was from Scott County, Va, He has not requested to join the Core Melungeon Project and may not be related to the Core Group, if not he would be rejected.

>From those descendants tested It may someday be possible to determine how much African or Indian your first Melungeon ancestor had when he arrived on the ridge say 1800. The Family Finder test could improve to this level, the highest % of African from a direct descendant informed me she was 12% African, 1% NA I believe this was from the 23andme test, but for most of us we are 98% European.

Joanne wrote: With all due respect I just read an awful lot of things in the JOGG article that you believe to be true that is based on flawed research. The flawed research is you Joanne, like your Gedion Gibson argument. I believe this review would be accepted again before any legitimate genetic review board. And when we feel like this project has met its goals and other new discoveries found we will have another peer review to add if necessary. I have said from the beginning this is a search for the truth and sometimes the truth is not what we expected. Jack

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