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From: "Jack Goins" <>
Subject: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon DNA projects and Geneaqlogy.
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 19:53:09 -0500

This is not a message to promote our DNA projects, but is solely intended to answer our critics and you know who you are. To the list, just remember your DNA belongs to you and if you are a member of our project, or considering joining our projects, it will be up to each one of you to share or not to share your DNA results. We recommend you share your results and sign up for Y-Search. More about this later.

We now have 3 Melungeon DNA Projects with Family Tree. 1-The Core Melungeon Project, 2- Melungeon mtDNA project. and Melungeon_Families Project. We hope to have all the mtDNA and Y DNA tests separated soon, this will take time. The new Melungeon_Families project is for families of interest, those families who connect by marriage and who believe they are connected to the Melungeons. Those in the family project will probably match some in the Core Project and may discover their ancestor was a core Melungeon.

All who sign a release are asked to list their most distant known ancestor, Family Tree would rather not list the names of the person who gave the sample on the public site. This protects your privacy, we recommend you sign up for Y-Search and list a family genealogy chart, this way the Administrators can help you establish a paper trail to those people you match. Family tree will notify you and the person you match, you can then exchange information with that person. Anyone in this project will soon discover they have families they were not aware of, so our genealogy changes and sometimes daily. I have had 3 Goins Matches this week and this resulted in two more branches on my family tree. some of those matches were from the Goins project.

We are aware of all the nitpickers who will observe that some of those most distant named ancestors haplogroup don't match, but as time goes on this problem can and will be solved by those families.

Anyone who has any questions can email me off list, or any of the other Administrators. I will not respond to questions about this email on list. We know what we are doing and we will do it right. any problems, or questions we may have will be answered by Family Tree employees.

Administrators are: Janet Crain; Roberta Estes; Penny Ferguson, Kathy James.
Jack Goins.

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