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Subject: [MEWASHIN-L] .. McLELLAN .. "South Princeton" and .. KIDDER .. "Princeton Village" ..
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 08:13:44 -0400

Good morning,

Someone reminded me of the on-line street map from 1881 of South Princeton,
ME, (from web site, entitled "A Maine Family's History....,")* and, when I
looked at it again, the surname, McLELLAN, stood out.

This summer I have connected with more "Kidder distant cousins" and we are
trying to solve a Kidder mystery. In April 1892, Ella KIDDER, daughter
of "Calvin" and Miranda (McLAUGHLIN) KIDDER, gave birth to a son, and he was
named, James C. McLELLAN ... One of my "cousins" looked in the Augusta
Archives .. and the man he knew as "Uncle Cal" was born to a James McLELLAN
of Nova Scotia and Miss.. Ella KIDDER, then Age 16. (There is no
indication yet .. that they married.)

In the 1900 Census .. Calvin and Miranda were living in the Indian Township
(next to Princeton) .. and they had their grandson living with them, Age 8,
but not his mother. ... In the 1910 Census, Calvin J. Kidder was
listed at Age 18, and listed as a son of "Calvin" and Miranda Kidder. We
are assuming that James was adopted by his grandparents between 1900 and
1910, and they changed his name .. from J. McLELLAN to J. KIDDER (named
after his grandfather) ..

I was wondering if anyone could provide me with the Census information for
the McLELLAN family living in South Princeton in 1881. I am curious if
the James McLellan who "knew" Ella Kidder in 1891 .. was related to them.
James was listed as having been from Nova Scotia, but we don't know whether
he was a current resident of Nova Scotia .. or he had moved to Princeton ..
from there.
I'm also wondering if anyone is researching this family, and whether it
is known whether this James McLellan .. remained living in Princeton, or
"moved on."

... Since my great-grandfather, George "Sanford" Kidder, was born in
Princeton in 1870, and his father, Joseph Kidder, had a home there for many
years (Kidder's in Princeton from ~1860's to the present) .. I am aware
that their section of town was called Princeton Village. I am
curious how many villages .. make up .. the Town of Princeton.

Enjoy your ... Holiday Weekend ...

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

*Many years ago, I was provided with a street map of Princeton Village
probably also from 1881 ... and I am told .. that the same surnames .. can
still be found ... today ...

P.S. I am told that the book, "Early Princeton, Maine," has been
re-printed .. and is available .. at the Princeton Variety Store .. for
about $10.00.. I have only been able to take a quick look at that book
in the Haverhill, MA, Library (Special Collections Room). My ancestor,
J. Calvin Kidder, and his son, J. Calvin Kidder, Jr., are both mentioned in
the book as being "colorful characters." His other son was referred to
as "Joe, the Sexton." (Joe was injured while a soldier in the Civil War.)
(Cal, "Cal, Jr.," and Joe were the 3 Kidder's who remained in or near
Princeton. And, their descendants continue to live there.)

P.S. 2 Does anyone know if a Princeton Historical Society was ever
formed? My "cousins" and I would like to contribute .. a summary of our
~10 years of KIDDER research.

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