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From: "Robert D. Mumford" <>
Subject: Re: Mumford & Capt. John Smith
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 20:51:46 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks for the correction. It is important to correctly cite sources,
something I did not do when I started this 20 years ago. I agree that there
is no evidence to tie "The adventurer" to the later Mumford/Munfords.

I had thought that Smith did write a book, though, with Momford's help?
Maybe the "

At 09:49 AM 4/21/01 EDT, you wrote:
>Sorry I've been so slow to join this discussion; trouble laying hands on the
>"Adventurers of Purse and Person" is not by Capt. John Smith. It is a modern
>work published by the Order of the First Families of Virginia (FFV); John
>Dorman & Virginia Meyer edited the 3rd edition (A. Jester ed. 1& 2). There
>is too little extant data to connect the adventurer, who explored with Smith,
>to later colonists, to the satisfaction of the FFV. They do recognize Thomas
>MOUNTFORT, Justice of York Co., as he married Jane SCASBROOK, a descendant of
>Nicholas MARTIAU.
>A less reliable source is the following:
>Rand, Nettie Hale. Rand-Hale Strong and Allied Families: A Genealogical
>Study with the Autobiography of Nettie Hale Rand. New York: American
>Historical Co., 1940.
>The author makes many unjustified leaps. She believes:
>a. The adventurer (1607), charter signer (1609), subcriber (1620), and
>patentee (1646, New Norfolk Co.) are all identical. This is not proven.
>b. That the husband of Jane SCASBROOK was the father of 3: Thomas m. Widow
>Rebecca POND (d. 1708), Joseph (d. 1738), & Jeffrey (1704 Charles City
>Quitrents). After Jane's death, Thomas remarried, to Rebecca, Dr. Samuel
>POND's widow, and she administered Thomas' estate in 1708; i.e., these 2 are
>identical, not father & son. Joseph is indeed the son, but there is no proof
>that Jeffrey was [incidentally, Jeffrey & wife Ann were Quakers.]
>Rand cites among her sources, Alexander Brown's "Genesis of the United
>States," [also not 100% reliable] which gives the following:
>23 May 1609- "Thomas Montford, Gentleman" signed 2nd Charter (p. 217).
>" Mountford (or Momford), Thomas, esquire, 2. Sub. ___; pd. £20. Came to
>Virginia in 1607." (p. 954).
>Some of Joseph MOUNTFORT's descendants removed to Warwick Co., some to Isle
>of Wight & Southampton Cos. (from whom I descend).
>There is another, more prominent family, which standardized the MUNFORD
>spelling before the Revolution, and which seems connected to a merchant
>family in London.
>Smith's "True Relation" is in the Rare Books Room at the Library of Virginia,
>requiring an appointment, which I didn't have yesterday.
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