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Hi Grady,

If there is one I don't know about it at that date. A cousin of mine thinks Henry Roberts I mentioned descended from a John Roberts born ca 1678 and died in Craven County, NC and he is the son of Andrew Roberts and Hannah Shackleford. The data is sketchy but Andrew Roberts amnd John Shackleford knew each other ca 1714 in Craven Precinct, in Bath Co., NC during the Tuscarora Wars.

My bunch left for Ky so I don't know about the other kids.

Marianne Dillow

Grady Ellis <> wrote:
Marianne, have you come across A John Roberts b. 12 Apr 1752 in Granville
Co. in your research. I wonder if he ties in to your line of Roberts, seems
like the same place and time as your Charles Jr. He ties into my
grandmothers line of Roberts family.

Thank you for any info you can offer,

Grady Ellis

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I am new to the list. My 7th great grandfather is Henry Roberts that was
born ca 1700 in NC. He died in Craven County, NC in 1763. I do not know who
is wife is. I am looking for his parentage. Some say he goes back to Andrew
Roberts and wife Hannah Shackleford. That is what I am trying to prove or
disprove. They were originally in Craven Precinct, Bath Co., NC.

Henry Roberts land was in Craven, Johnston, Duplin, and Orange Counties in
NC. I believe his land did not move but new counties were formed. The land
records are in the time frame of 1738-1763. He had a Brother George Roberts
and towards the end of their lives they lived on Southwest Creek. George
died in 1761 and Henry about 1763.

I descend from Henry Robert's son Charles Roberts, SR who was born ca 1730
in Craven County, NC. He is my 6th great grandfather. According to Orange
County, NC Deed Book D, p. 64 dated 14 Aug 1763 Charles Roberts, SR bought
300 acres from Henry McCulloh. Charles gave his address as Johnston Co., NC.
He died ca 1788. His son William was his adm and the bond was dated 26 Aug
1788 and the inventory was dated 26 Aug 1788. in Orange County, NC.

I descend from Charles Roberts, SR son Charles Roberts, JR. I have all
documentation and records on Charles SR and JR where there is records to
prove their lineage to me. Charles Roberts, SR transferred 150 acres on
Rocky Creek on the north side of Flat River to Charles Roberts, JR Book 2 p.
390 dated 26 Aug 1782. The transaction was witnessed by Joseph Langston. It
has been believed that Charles, SR might have maried a Langston but I have
never found proof of it.

Charles Roberts, JR. is my 5th great grandfather who was born ca 1758 in
NC. He married Frances Langston 12 Jan 1782 in Granville Co., NC She is the
daughter of Joseph Langston and Agnes Ragland. Agnes was a Ragland and
married Ephraim Merritt and after he died she married Joseph Langston who
are my 4th great grandparents.

Charles Roberts, JR. in 1786 bought 150 acres from his father, Charles
Roberts, SR. on the north side of the Flat River. In 1807 Charles Roberts,
JR was the sole inheritor of the John King estate according to Deed Book D.
p 186. The witnesses were the son of Charles Roberts, JR, who was Abner and
Winnifred Roberts. The Executor was Ephraim Roberts another son of Charles
Roberts, JR and Agnes Ragland Merritt Roberts. I don't know exactly what
their relationship was to John King.

Charles Roberts, JR sold his land dated 1 Nov 1811 Deed Book 14, p 57 on
Flat River. He and his family moved to Logan County, Kentucky where he died
in 1813.

Because of the county formations it has been difficult to prove who Henry
Roberts parents were and if Charles Roberts, SR might also have married a
Langston lady. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

Thank You,
Marianne Dillow

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