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Hi again Karen,

I have checked the following resources for your ship 'Hermione' in 1883.

The Comber Index lists the 1883 voyage of the ship 'Hermione' as departing
Gravesend on 12 July 1883 and arriving in Auckland on 14 October 1883.
Captain was Capt. D. T. ROBERTS. Details of the voyage were:
July 11, left East India Docks, London, for Gravesend.
July 12, sailed from Gravesend.
July 14, off the Downs.
July 15, off Beachy Head.
July 20, at noon, tacked off the Lizard.
Aug 14, crossed the equator, 17.41 W.
Sep 3, Greenwich, 37 S.
Sep 7, 20 E, 41.5 S, gales.
Oct 5, passed Tasmania.
Oct 11, passed Three Kings (Islands), Cape Maria (van Diemen) & North Cape.
Oct 13, off Cape Brett.
Oct 14, arrived Auckland.
Nov 26, sailed for Lyttelton.
Jan 28 1884, sailed for London.
May 6, arrived London.

The book, 'White Wings', gives the following information:
The 'Hermione' was a full-rigged ship of 1120 tons, built in the Hall
Shipyards in Aberdeen. She was owned by the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line.
Her sailing capabilities were disappointing, her best 24-hour run was on the
1897 voyage bound for Wellington, when she clocked up 269 miles. The ship
made 21 voyages to New Zealand between 1881 and 1899. In 1899, she was sold
to an Italian firm and renamed the 'Mantova'. The 'Hermione'/'Mantova' was
broken up in Genoa in 1913. Captain Roberts was master of 8 of her voyages,
having made two previous voyages on the ship 'Pleiades' in 1872 and 1874.
He was master until 1887. There is a photograph of the ship in 'White
Wings' that I could scan and send you if you want.

Best wishes, Michael.

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> Hello List
> I'm after some info on the route a passenger ship, The Hermione would have
> taken to get to New Zealand departing from the UK in 1883. I've already
> a lot of help from folks regarding passenger lists and other info but I'd
> just like to know where the ship would have docked and therefore what
> might the relatives have seen on their voyage.
> I'm still looking for connections to the Letts families.
> Karen Palmer
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