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Subject: [NZ] Re Auckland Weekly News and memories
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 07:29:07 +1300

Thank you Jacqueline for your contributions...
This mornings date April 1916, struck a chord. April 1916 was the month my late mother , the sixth child in the family, was born. I allowed my mind to wander.
On a crisp Autumn morning on the farm 'Bryn Mawr" in Cannington, South Canterbury surrounded by baskets of apples and green tomatoes, did my grandfather sit down at the kitchen table for a cup of tea and pour over the pages of the Auckland Weekly News? Did he wait for a neighbour to call in for a weaner pig, or a jar of his fresh honey? Was he writing his next report as chairman of the Cannington School committee ? Was he preparing to write a sermon to preach to the local Wesleyan Methodists in Pareora West ? Had he watched the eldest two of his six children, walk off to school, bare foot on the mile and a half of shingle road, tidily dressed in the clothes which their mother, a dressmaker before their marriage in 1908, has sewn for them on her treadle sewingmachine ? Did he read about the 'poor souls' who had gone off to fight in the war from which he had been exempted because of his large family?
With no telephone or electricity to make her life easier what did my grandmother think about as she nursed her sixth child....
'Monday washday, Tuesday.....'
And my mother, the new baby..... all she cared about was being left in peace to sleep between feeds.

Daphne in North Canterbury

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