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From: Maureen Donwen <>
Subject: [NZ] Early NZ - Arrival of Vessel Stately June 1 1851
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 22:05:27 -0700

The New Zealander
Page 2 June 4 1851

Shipping Intelligence

June 1 - Stately, barque 555 tons, Captain T. Ginder, from London.
Passengers - Mrs. Ewington, Mr. William Ewington, Mr. Tudor Williams,
Mr. Basil Rathbone, James Wilks, Louisa Wilks, John Bell, Louisa Mary
Bell, Louisa M. Bell, Jamieson Jarvie, S Fleming, William Clarke,
Elizabeth Clarke, Fanny Clarke, William Clarke, John Clarke, Eliza
Clarke, Susan Clarke, Philip Callan, Wm. G. G. Deresby, Frederick
William Cook, Henry Brown, Brooks H. Bullock, Daniel Mills, Henry
Hogarth, J. Hewitt, John Boy, John Chalmers, Thos. Quiggin, Margaret
Quiggin, Thomas Quiggin, Daniel Campbell, Agnes Campbell, Marian
Campbell, Jessie Campbell, Wm. Baldwin, James White, Catherine White,
William Lepine, John Hume, James B. White, William Roy, John Watson,
Sarah Goshawk, Anne Bergen, John Bergen, Bryan W. Simpson, Francis
Borraulffe, Fanny Clair, Sarah Bevan, Elizabeth Bevan, Elizabeth Bryan,
Emily Chevasset, Margaret Connolly, Sophia E. Dyer, Mary Ann Drake,
Eliza Dunn, Elizabeth Davis, Louisa Ellis, Marian Fletcher, Charlotte
Fletcher, Eliza Franklin, Mary Gennery, Elizabeth A. Jalicyne, Jane
Humphreys, Anne Kidd, Maria Lovelace, Lydia McCullock, Elizabeth
Muddeman, Eliza Preston, Anne Smith, Catherine Sullivan, Sarah Ann
Whitmore, Mary Ann White, Emma Wardle, Eliza Webb, Anne Woodhouse,
Elizabeth Wilson, Mary Anne Wilson, Mrs. Anne Carter, Mrs. Simpson. -
Brown & Campbell Agents.

The Stately sailed from the Downs on the 1st Feb. She received a large
mail on board as she was passing though the Downs on the 30 Jan. She
experienced no rough weather, but had very little fair wind throughout
the voyage. She was at one time becalmed for seventeen days. She has
brought out a large number of passengers, several of whom remain here,
and others proceed to New Plymouth and the Southern Settlements.
Thirty-two females for Auckland have arrived by this vessel, the cost
of their passage having been defrayed by Mr. Sydney Herbert's Female
Emigration Committee at London. A large proportion of the Stately's
cargo is for this port. A great deal more offered than she could take,
but that which was shut out will be brought by the Norfolk barque, which
was laid on for Auckland direct, and was fast filling up, to sail on the
12th March. The Clara, Captain Cobb, was advertised for Wellington,
Canterbury, &c., to sail on the 10th March.

Maureen's Note: There was considerable upset on this voyage which
resulted in a charge of assault against Captain Thomas Ginder bought by
passenger Frances Barracluff whose name interestingly enough does not
appear on the list of passengers as reported in the newspaper.

On June 28th a letter to the Editor was published, signed by 10 of the
young women on this voyage. There names are as follows. Again some of
these names were not published in the original list.

Elizabeth A. Galique, Sarah A. Whitmore, Maryann White, Ann Woodhouse,
Eliza Preston, Sarah Bevan, Margaret Connolly, Mary Gennery, Catherine
Sullivan, Elizabeth A. Davis.

It is possible that the names which seem to not appear on the original
list are as a result of misspelling.

Please feel free to send or forward this post to any list or individual
who may have an interest in it.

Maureen Donwen

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