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From: "Olwyn Whitehouse" <>
Subject: The Press - ANZAC Day
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:11:14 -0500

The Christchurch Press on Anzac Day 2005 had a feature on the Gallipoli
campaign amongst which they included a whole page of casualties as published
at that time, part of which I've included 256k. I know the scanning has a
little bit to be desired.

Row 1
Private J.H. McMilan
Invercargill, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Trooper A. Mackenzie,
Mangatora, Wellington Mounted, wounded

Private T.P. Mahan
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, killed

Private W.J. Mansell
Cashmere Hills
Canterbury Infantry, killed

Trooper D.M. Manson
Motakara, Canterbury Mounted, wounded

Private C.J. Maroni
Foxton, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Private F.M. Marshall
Marton, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Corporal F. McG. Marshall
Wendonside, Otago Mounted, wounded
missing right half of newspaper page

Row 2
Private N.C. Morton
Redcliffs, Canterbury Infantry wounded

Private R.S.R. Murfitt
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Trooper R.G. Murphy
Nasby, Veterinary Corps

Private A.C. Newcomb
Auckland, Auckland Infantry wounded

Private W.E. Newton
Invercargill, Otago Infantry, wounded

Private S.J. Norris
Lyttelton, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Private J. O'Connor
Hokitika, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Private G.A. O'Shea
Wakefield, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Row 3
Private G. Payne
Inglewood, Wellington Mounted, wounded

Corporal R.E. Price
Christchurch, Australian Force, wounded

Private D.G.T. Pritchett
Mount Somers, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Trooper C.E. Pryce
Invercargill, Otago Mounted, wounded

Sergeant W.B. Quenneall
Cavershan, Otago Infantry, wounded

Lieutenanut D.M. Robertson,
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, invalided

Corporal J.A. Ross
Streamlands, Auckland Mounted, wounded

Private F.J. Sage
Hawera, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Row 4
Private W. Smith
Hokitika, Canterbury Infantry, wounded

Sapper A. McL. Steele
Auckland Engineers, missing

Trooper T.W. Stringer
Christchurch, Auckland Mounted, wounded

Trooper H.R. Sullivan
Waimater, Canterbury Mounted, wounded

Private W. Sullian
New South Wales, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Private A. Terry
Stratford, Otago Infranty, wounded

Private K.H.H. Waha_ui
Onorohunga, Maori Contingent, wounded

Private T.P.H.H., Waha_ui
Onorohunga, Maori Contingent, wounded

Row 5
Private A.R. Wingham
Timaru, Otago Infantry, wounded

Private W. Woods
Invercargill, Otago Infantry, wounded

Sapper F.G. Pearson
Dunedin, NZ Engineers, killed

Private H.V. Petersen
Palmerston North, Otago Infantry, died of wounds

Sergeant J.W. T. Ross
Christchurch, Canterbury Infantry, killed

Lieutenant E.A. Scott
Timaru, Otago Mounted, wounded

Lieutenant E.A. Scott
Timaru, Otago Mounted, wounded

Corporal S.T. Seddon
Auckland, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Row 6
Sergent E.G. Seed
Christchurch, Canterbury Mounted, wounded

Private J.L. Sharman
Kennington?, Otago Infantry wounded

Private P. Silva
Parnell, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Private E. Slow, Wellington Infantry, wounded

Private A. Toms?
Roxburgh, Canterbury Infantry, died of wounds

Private J. Traynor
Invercargill East, Wellington Infantry, missing

Private N. Veart
Auckland, Auckland Infantry, wounded

Sergeant D.A. Vincent,
Paeroa, Auckland Infantry, wounded

President Lincoln said when he was dedicating a cemetery: "In a larger
sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this
ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here have consecrated
it far above our power to add or detract. The world will little note nor
long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here."

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