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Subject: [nz] Blick, Thomas, 1802-1860 - buried at Fairfield Park,Nelson. New Zealand's first weaver
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"Indus" 5 Feb.1843
1. Blick, Benjamin age 2
2. Blick, Charles age 14 Gardener
3. Blick, Enoch age 17 Gardener
4. Blick, George age 18 Gardener
5. Blick, Hannah age 39 wife
6. Blick, Hannah age 13
7. Blick, James age 5
8. Blick, Thomas age 38
9. Blick, William age 9
History of New Zealand: from the arrival of Tasman in Golden Bay in
1642, to ... by Alfred Saunders
In the days of low wages and scanty employment, a woollen factory had
been nursed into prosperity in Nelson. A plodding weaver, named Blick
who was not a capitalist, had, in 1847, undertaken, in a very humble
way, to make Nelson tweed which, rough and ugly as it was, was
religiously worn by the public-spirited settlers as a means of
employing their neighbours. Women, mostly Germans, were glad to earn a
shilling a day at spinning woollen yarn which Mr. Blick wove, first by
hand, then by a bullock, and then by a water wheel. In this way Mr.
Blick was very moderately prosperous, and completely contented and
respected. But, after 1851, with wheat at twelve shillings a bushel,
German women could earn more than one shilling a day, and Mr. Blick
could not compete with the far better Sydney tweed. Thus, like many
other worthy men, he found that the general prosperity of his
neighbours had left him and his loom behind in the race, and, after
some twelve years' struggle, Mr. Blick died, not less respected, but
less wealthy than he might have been if his plodding energy had been
directed to an occupation less dependent upon low wages for its
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 16 February 1850, Page 201
Tan Yard and Curriery the property of Mr. Blick.
Hand-Loom for Woollen Cloths, the property of Mr. Blick.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 16 July 1853, Page 2
Blick, Thomas, town of Nelson, farmer
Blick, Enoch, brook street, labourer
Blick, William, brook street, Nelson

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 26 February 1859, Page 3
Nelson Cloth.— We paid a visit a few days since, to the cloth
manufactory of Messrs. Blick and Webberly, in Brook-street, and were
much pleased with what we saw. It would of course be absurd to expect
any near approach to perfection at the commencement of an undertaking
and the application of some better power than the labour of bullocks
for driving the machinery will be necessary before any great results
can be arrived at. We only observed one hand-loom at work, but we
understand that it is in contemplation to add others shortly. Some
specimens of cloth were shown us...

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 5 March 1859, Page 2
Married. On Wednesday, March 2nd, Mr. Joseph Steward, late of
Melbourne, to Hannah, only daughter of Mr. Thomas Blick, woollen-cloth
manufacturer, Brook street Valley.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 10 October 1860, Page 3
On September 12th, at Nelson, by the Rev. D. Dolamore, Mr. James
Blick, of the Nelson Cloth Manufactory, to Sarah Emily, second
daughter of Mr. Samuel Biggs, of Surrey Cottage, Waimea-road, Nelson.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 1 December 1860, Page 2 Died
On November 28, at his residence, Brook-street Valley, Mr. Thomas
Blick, cloth manufacturer, in his 58th year.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 12 June 1861, Page 2
On the 9th June, at the residence of his parents, Bronti-street,
James, son of Mr. G. Blick, of ulcerated stomach, aged six year 6.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 19 March 1864, Page 2 DIED.
On 17th March, at Richmond, Mr. Henry Brown, father of Mrs. G. Blick,
aged 71 years.

Nelson Evening Mail, 30 March 1867, Page 2 MARRIED.
Lucas-Blick. — On. the 26th instant, by the Rev. W. Kirk, Samuel,
third son of Mr. J. Lucas, Eruton, England, to Hannah, eldest daughter
of Mr. George Blick, of Nelson.

Nelson Evening Mail, 22 December 1871, Page 2 DEATH.
Blick —December 21, at her residence, Brookstreet Valley, after a
lingering illness of three years. Mrs. Hannah Blick, relict of the
late Mr. Thomas Blick, aged 78 years.

Nelson Evening Mail, 25 February 1875, Page 2
Bates— Blick — February 24, by the Rev. F. Thomas. Mr George Fenwick
Bates, late of Newcastle, England, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr
Alfred Blick, of Nelson.

Marlborough Express, 20 November 1878, Page 5 MARRIAGE
Leslie - Blick.— On Nov. 13, at St. Andrew's Church. Blenheim, by the
Rev. Mr Shirriffs, John Leslie to Sarah Blick, third daughter of Mr
Enoch Blick, Spring Creek.

Marlborough Express,22 May 1882, Page 2
The name of William Blick, whose sudden demise we announced in last'
Saturday's issue, has been intimately connected with the province of
Marlborough almost from its earliest history. About thirty years ago,
Mr Blick become contractor for the conveyance of mails between Nelson
and the Province of Canterbury, the mail service at that time being
performed monthly. About seventeen years ago, Mr Blick settled in
Blenheim. Mr Blick leaves a widow and five children to mourn his loss.

Nelson Evening Mail, 9 June 1883, Page 2 DEATH.
Blick — On 9th June, at Hope, after a long and painful illness, borne
with Christian fortitude, Benjamin Blick, aged 43 years.

Nelson Evening Mail, 23 January 1885, Page 2 DEATH.
Blick. — On January 22, at Toi Toi Valley, Alfred Blick, aged 55 years.

Marlborough Express, 15 November 1884, Page 2 MARRIAGE.
Currie— Buck— October 28th, at the residence of Mr Samuel Lucas,
Ashburton, by the Rev. C. H. Standage, Jeremiah, eldest son of John
Currie, of Antrim, Ireland, to Harriet, third daughter of George Blick
of Nelson.

Evening Post, 28 December 1886, Page 2 MARRIAGE
Jones— Blick— On 25th December, at the residence of the bride's
father, by the Rev J. Standring, Henry Thomas Johns, to Alice Sarah,
second daughter of Mr James Blick, both of Nelson

Nelson Evening Mail, 24 January 1889, Page 2 MARRIAGE.
OTT - BLICK - On the 23rd inst., at the Registrar's Office, Nelson,
Julius Ott, formerly of Hanover, Germany to Matilda, fourth daughter
of the late Mr Blick, of Toi Toi Valley, Nelson. (West Coast papers
please copy).

Colonist, 11 May 1891, Page 3 DEATH
Blick — May 10, at Bronte street, Mr George Blick, aged 68 years

Colonist, 13 March 1899, Page 2 DEATH.
Blick.— On March llth, at her residence, Bronti-street, Harriet,
relict of the late George Blick, aged 73.

Marlborough Express, 13 May 1891, Page 2
Blick— May 10, at Bronti street, Nelson, Mr George Blick, aged 68 years.

Colonist, 29 June 1891, Page 3
We regret to learn of the death of Mr Joseph Webley, which occurred at
his residence, Toi-Toi Valley, on Saturday afternoon. Our deceased
fellow-townsman was a native of Stroud, Gloucestershire, and when
coming to New Zealand with his family he resigned the position of
manager of large woollen mills in the town of his birth. He arrived in
Nelson by the ship Creswell on the 9th February, 1858, and some little
time after he had settled down in this city he entered into
partnership with the late Mr Blick and started the Nelson woollen
mills. The partnership was afterwards dissolved, but the mill was kept
going, and the tweeds manufactured there became celebrated far and
wide for their excellence. After a number of years Mr Joseph Webley
retired from active work, and his sons conducted the mill, but other
mills were started at Mosgiel, Roslyn, Kaiapoi, Oamaru, Onehunga,
Wellington, and Ashburton, and, with later machinery, they succeeded
in obtaining command of the market. The deceased was the first to
start the manufacture of tweed in the colony, an industry that has now
assumed large proportions. For many years he- has been a prominent
member of the Baptist Church, and indeed in the Old Country he had
received training to occupy the pulpit. Some four or five years ago,
we believe, he married a second time, and he leaves, besides his
widow, three sons and two daughters, with whom we sympathise in their

Colonist, 15 February 1901, Page 2 MARRIAGE
Blick— Chisholm.— On February 5th 1901, at the residence of the
bride's parents, by the Rev. J. H. MacKenzie, Edward James, eldest son
of Mr James Blick, of Brook street Valley, to Elsie Mabel, eldest
daughter of Mr W. S. Chisholm, of Nelson,

Colonist, 25 April 1904, Page 2
Death of an Early Settler. — Another of Nelson's very early settlers
passed away on Tuesday, in the person of Mr Enoch Blick, of
Marlborough. Mr Blick, who had reached the good old age of eighty
years, came to New Zealand with his parents, five brothers and one
sister, all of whom, with the exception of one brother, Mr James Blick
of this city, predeceased him. Deceased had to bear his share of the
trials of the early settlers, which he did with great cheerfulness and
perseverance. After spending a couple of years in Nelson he, with his
brother Charles, accompanied the late Mr Charles Watts on a survey
expedition in Otago, but Charles was drowned with the whole of a
boat's crew. Enoch came back in another boat, and remained in Nelson
until about 35 years ago, when he went to settle in the Marlborough
district. Deceased leaves a widow and a large family of sons and

Colonist, 19 May 1908, Page 2
Blick— Lloyd,— On March 26th 1908. at Kuala Lumpur- Selangor,
A. E. Green, Esq., Missionary, Walter Samuel, second son of James
Blick, Esq., Brook-street, Nelson, N.Z., to Fanny Rose, daughter of
the late John Lloyd, Esq., Enfield, Middlesex, England.

Colonist, 14 July 1908, Page 2
The late Mr James Blick, who was one of the few remaining early
settlers in Nelson, passed away at 2.30 on Sunday morning last at his
residence in Brook street, after a short illness. The deceased
gentleman was born in Gloucester (England) in 1837, and came out to
this colony with his parents in the ship Indus in 1842, being one of
seven children, all of whom are now dead. The family took up land in
Brook street, where they commenced business as clothmakers, and it was
at their works that the first cloth made in the Dominion was
manufactured. The business, however, subsequently developed into that
of a tannery, which latter industry has been carried on by the late Mr
Blick ever since its commencement. The deceased leaves a widow and a
grown-up family of four sons and four daughters; One of the sons and
one of the daughters have been engaged in missionary work in China for
a number of years. He was a highly-respected and greatly esteemed
member of the Baptist congregation in this city. The funeral of
deceased took place yesterday afternoon, and was well attended, the
Rev. S. Jenkin conducting the service.

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