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From: Bonnie Hickey <>
Subject: [NF-ROOTS] RAG - Obits Harbor Grace Standard 1879, Part 4 of 4
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 15:44:01 -0230

Obits from the Harbor Grace Standard newspaper, November and
December 1879. Date given is date of publication:


1 Nov 1879 At Heart's Content, on Oct. 23rd of typhoid
fever, Mr. James ROWE, aged 32 years, leaving a wife and a
large family of young children to mourn his loss. Mr. Rowe
(who is much and deservedly regretted) was master of the
schr. William of the above port, and had not long returned
from the Labrador, after having made a successful voyage,
when he was stricken with his fatal illness which he bore
with much Christian resignation. His remains were
accompanied to the grave by many sorrowing relatives and
friends, as well as by a body of the Loyal Orange
Association in the regalia of the Order. -Com.

1 Nov 1879 At Bayswater, London, on the 27th October,
Margaret, widow of Joseph SHEA, Esq., M.D., aged 76 years.

1 Nov 1879 On board the schr. Atalanta (Capt. Timothy
Hayden), on the passage from White Bears, Labrador, Mr.
David CONNELL, a native of Broad Cove North Shore. Deceased
was 65 years of age, and leaves a family of ten children to
mourn their loss.

1 Nov 1879 At St. John's, on Sunday night last, after a
short illness, Mark, only son of Thomas and Hanorah GRACE,
of Brigus South, in the 19th year of his age.

1 Nov 1879 At the same place, on 24th ult., Peter Mortimer,
youngest son of James L. & Mary DUCHEMIN, aged 4 years.

1 Nov 1879 At the same place, on the 15th ult., Catherine,
aged 10 years; on the 18th, Robert, aged 6 years; on the
23rd, Henry, aged 8 years; and on the 25th, John Thomas,
aged 13 years and 9 months, children of Mr. Martin WALKINS.

1 Nov 1879 At Torbay, on the 20th ult., in the 84th year of
her age, Ellen, relict of the late Mr. Samuel GOSSE.

1 Nov 1879 At sea on the 31st July, Alfred George, son of
Mr. William WOODLEY, of St. John's.

1 Nov 1879 At Montreal, on the 10th ult., after a lingering
illness, Matilda Susan, only daughter of the late Captain
Samuel PARKER, of H.M. 64th Regiment, and widow of the late
Garland C. GADEN, Sheriff of the Northern District.

8 Nov 1879 At Heart's Content, on the 25th ult., Herbert
George Pollard TRIPPLE, aged 3 years and 3 months.

8 Nov 1879 At St. John's, Oct. 31st, after a short illness,
much and deservedly regretted, Mr. John CURTIN, of H.M.
Customs, aged 48 years.

8 Nov 1879 At St. John's, on the 2nd inst., Flora Jessie
Mary, aged 3 years, only daughter of George and Augusta

8 Nov 1879 At Fogo, on the 29th October, Alice M., aged 19
years, youngest daughter of J.G. LUCAS, Esq., Sub-Collector,

8 Nov 1879 At Halifax, N.S., on the 15th ult., Mary Anne,
wife of James CASEY, in the 27th year of her age.

8 Nov 1879 At Halifax, on the 16th ult., John MARTIN, a
native of St. John's, N.F., in the 83rd year of his age,
leaving a family to mourn the loss of a kind and loving

15 Nov 1879 At River Head, on the 5th inst., Mr. Walter
DUGGAN, aged 32 years.

15 Nov 1879 At the same place, on the 6th inst., after a
long illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine
Will, Mary, wife of Mr. Michael KNOX, aged 70 years.
Deceased was a native of Old Perlican, Trinity Bay.

15 Nov 1879 At Carbonear, of the 12th inst., Martha D.
MURRISH, aged 3 1/4 years, only child of J. Thomas Murrish,
Esq., M.R.C.P., Principal of the Methodist Grammar School,

15 Nov 1879 On the 10th inst., at Bird Island Cove, Robert
Wood, only son of Mr. William BADCOCK aged 7 years and 7

15 Nov 1879 At Brigus, on the 6th inst., Isabella, the
beloved infant daughter of Geo. SMITH, Esq., aged 9 months.

15 Nov 1879 At St. John's, on the 6th inst., aged 46 years,
Mr. John BLACKLER, a native of Bay Roberts.

15 Nov 1879 At Torquay, England, on the 8th inst., of
apoplexy, Mr. William WATSON, aged 74 years. The deceased
gentleman was father of Messrs. E. and J. Watson, of St.

22 Nov 1879 On Saturday night last, the 15th inst., after a
long illness, Mr. Stephen BENNETT, aged 56 years. [verse]

22 Nov 1879 At St. John's, on the 19th inst., Robert
Purcell, aged 3 years and 3 months, son of John and Mary

22 Nov 1879 At the same place, on the 16th inst., Daniel
PHELAN, aged 26 years, sixth son of the late John PHELAN, of

29 Nov 1879 At St. John's, on Saturday last, of diphtheria,
Benjamin, aged 7 1/4 years, Sarah Gertrude, aged 3 years,
children of Eli and Mary Ann TUCK.

29 Nov 1879 At the same place, on Sunday morning, after a
brief illness, in the 23rd year of his age, Charles, second
son of Mr. Charles GAMBURG, painter, deeply regretted by a
large circle of sincere friends.

29 Nov 1879 Death of a Religious - On Monday morning last,
about 2 1/2 o'clock, Sister M. Gertrude WADDEN, of the order
of Presentation nuns, expired at the Convent of St.
Patrick's, River Head, St. John's. The deceased lady was a
native of Wexford, Ireland, but from her childhood has been
living in St. John's. She closed her young life at the
early age of 25 years, 9 of which she passed in the cloister
of Holy Religion. Her Religious career was marked by those
quiet and silent acts of virtue and piety which, though
unchronicled on the pages of this world's annals, are
registered above in that Great Book which shall be opened on
the Last Day in which, "All things are contained." Of her it
may be well said consummata in brevi explevit tempora

6 Dec 1879 At Bay Roberts, on the 29th ult., Robert
Archibald, only son of Mr. Josiah CALPIN, aged 4 years and 8

6 Dec 1879 At St. John's, on the 29th ult., Ann, aged 35
years, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas MUNROE, and daughter of
Mr. John COLLINS, formerly of Trinity.

13 Dec 1879 At St. John's, on Wednesday the 3rd inst.,
after a protracted and painful illness, Mr. Robert BOWDEN,
aged 42 years.

13 Dec 1879 At Morton's Harbor, of diphtheria, Nov. 28,
Henrietta, aged 4 1/2 years; Dec. 1, Bertha, aged 6 years;
on same day, Josephine, aged 2 1/4 years, daughters of Mark

20 Dec 1879 At St. John's, on Sunday last 14th inst., Mr.
Michael WALL, a native of Harbor Grace, aged 36 years.

20 Dec 1879 At St. John's on 17th inst., after a short
illness, Captain John Henry BARNES, third son of W.M.
Barnes, Esq., aged 25 years.

20 Dec 1879 At Montreal, on the 3rd December, Thomas
HOLLAND, cooper, native of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, aged
44 years and 11 months.

27 Dec 1879 On the [10th?] inst., after a long illness, Mr.
William DAVIS, aged 53 years.

27 Dec 1879 At Fort Amherst, St. John's, on the 22nd inst.,
after a painful illness, Mary Ann Ellen WILLIAMS, the
beloved granddaughter of Mr. John SHEPHERD, keeper of Fort
Amherst Lighthouse, aged 14 years and 6 months.

27 Dec 1879 At Turks Cove, Trinity Bay on Tuesday last,
after a long and lingering illness, Mr. Joseph ANTLE, an old
and respectable inhabitant, aged 82 years.

27 Dec 1879 At the Parsonage, Fogo, on Wednesday, Dec.
17th, Amelia, widow of the Revd. Wm. MEEK, late of Sydney
Mines, Cape Breton, aged 75 years.

27 Dec 1879 At Liverpool, on the 18th inst., the beloved
wife of Capt. James B. STUART, and youngest daughter of the
late Mr. John DELAHUNTY.


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