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From: "Dawn Dutra" <>
Subject: Re: Kacie Nolder
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 16:24:46 -0400
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Donald, you might want to write to Kacie offlist. She is not on the Nolder
mailing list. I forwarded her email to me to the list so you all could see
her email.

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From: "Donald F. Nolder" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2004 7:10 PM
Subject: Re: Kacie Nolder

> Hi Dawn and Kacie
> The interesting part of your letter involves the fact that your Nolders
> live/lived in Olean New York. I am not familiar with the town you
> in Pennsylvania, namely Roulette though I believe it is in north western
> My particular branch of the Nolder line lived in Buffalo New York from
> 1850 until 1903 when they moved to Olean. There are still Nolders living
> Buffalo and Olean to this day though I am not in touch with any of them at
> present. Each Labor day as I understand it a reunion is held in Olean.
> Buffalo and Olean Nolders descend from Francis Nolder born about 1808 in
> Germany and Margaret Sophia Weibert also of German birth. The Nolder name
> is English or Scottish in origin not German and it is still a minor
> why my ancestors found themselves in Germany. The father of Francis
> in the Napoleonic wars and there are still souvenirs/relics of that war in
> the possession of the Nolder line. We are not sure of Francis Nolder's
> father's name at this point in time.
> Francis had four children two of which are male the oldest of which was
> Frank, the younger William. The relics of the Napoleanonic war reside
> the descendents of Frank Nolder. I am of the line of William and after
> death about 1903 in Buffalo my family line moved to Olean New York.
> two daughters of William married into the Wenke family and a descendent of
> those marriages Matthew Wenke still living in Olean is the historian of
> family.
> William's oldest son was John W. Nolder and he married into the Bartlett
> family of Ellicottville New York. Their oldest son was Charles Francis
> Nolder and I am the oldest son of Charles.
> The family history/legend indicates that the Nolder family of Olean
> Nolder family relatives in Niagara County New York, Buffalo, New York and
> somewhere in Pennsylvania at times from 1850 through 1930. I have heard
> similar tales from other Nolder lines. It is also part of the legend that
> the Ancestors of Francis Nolder found themselves on the losing side in the
> war in which Prince Charles tried to reclaim the throne of England and
> across the English Channel in order to save their lives at the conclusion
> that war. It is documented that some members of the Nolder Clan were
> transported to the colonies as prisoners though the particulars of their
> offense to the crown is not known.
> Perhaps Kacie, some of the older members of your Nolder line still retain
> some information regarding the Olean branch of the family and we can piece
> together a tie between our lines. I would be happy to exchange photos and
> information with you in our mutual research of the Nolder Line.
> Donald Francis Nolder
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> From: "Dawn Dutra" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 4:43 PM
> Subject: Fw: Kacie Nolder
> >
> > Hello, my name is Kacie Nolder. I was on the 1stopfreeshop site and came
> accross a posting with your e-mail address in it. I was wondering if you
> could help me out. My boyfriends mother searched his family and i have
> then been interested in finding information on mine. My family lives in
> Roulette PA area and the Olean NY area. I am the grand-daughter of Edward
> Vincent Eugene Nolder (3 sons...Robert Nolder, Douglas E. Nolder,( and
> Edward Nolder Jr). My father is Douglas Edward Nolder married to Stacia
> Spencer (1981). I have 2 sisters Tarin Linnae Nolder(1987) and Kira
> Harley Nolder(1995) My grandfather has 4 brothers . Jim Nolder(deceased),
> Robert Nolder, Richard Nolder(deaceased) and Arthur Nolder. My grandfather
> married Agnes Lucille Caulkins. And the wives of my great uncles as far as
> know are as following: Richard and Becky Nolder, Arthur and Una
> far as the other wives names and dates I am unsure. I'm unsure of the
> numbers an! d names !
> > of childrenas well. I never meant my great grandparents either so I
> not tell you their names off hand but could find out.
> > Thank you,
> > Kacie
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