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From: Olaf <>
Subject: Winnebago County, Wisconsin
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 21:51:45 -0800

Translated from 'Nordm├Žndene i Amerika' by Martin Ulvestad, 1907.

Winnebago County
The Norwegian settlement in the area of Winchester consists mainly of
Telemarkings and was founded at the end of the 40s. In the City of Neenah we
also have a number of Norwegians.
Already by 1850 there was established a Norwegian Lutheran congregation
at Winchester. A.C. Preus of The Norwegian Synod was the congregation's
first priest, while P. A. Rasmussen was the first schoolteacher. The first
Norwegian church in Winnebago County was built by the aformentioned
congregation in 1855. Now there are 5 Norwegian churches and 5
congregations, 4 of the congregations belong to The United Church and 1 to
The Methodist Church.
Johannes Amundsen was the first Norwegian honoured with a public position
Norwegian place names in Winnebago County; Blaland, Norwegian and Larsen

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