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From: Kitty Crowley <>
Subject: [NORWOOD] Father of Andrew Dorsey
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 10:30:42 -0700
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Just thought I ought to weigh in with some thoughts.

I did a search of my Maryland Norwood database using the search
parameters of male Norwood b. between 1670 and 1720. I assumed this
would be the Norwood male who might have fathered Nancy's Andrew Dorsey.

Now there is only one record of bastardy associated with these early
Maryland Norwoods.
Mary Odle (an orphan of William Odle or Odell who had died by 24 Dec
1748) was a bastardizing convict by confession in November Court, 1754.
She was fined 30 shillings and her mother Elizabeth Odle was her
security. Philip Norwood, the father of her child, was also fined 30
shillings and Lyde Goodwin was his security. [Ref: Court Proceedings
Liber BB No. A, pp. 448-449, 453; Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759,
p. 478}
There is virtually no information on this Phillip so I have no idea who
his parents were but he does fit into this time frame. If he is
fathering a child in 1754 he was probably born somewhere between 1700
and 1720.

There is Andrew Norwood (1684-bef 1734), s/o Andrew Norwood and
Elizabeth Howard. He married Eliza Wellplay, and according to Callam he
died in 1722. He definitely fits the bill.... but did he? Don't know.

Then there is Edward Norwood (1689-bef1729), s/o of Edward. He married
Ruth Owings in 1718 and had several children right about the same time
as your Andrew. But he seems to have been mostly in Baltimore County,
not where your Andrew is from in Anne Arundel Co. He and Ruth had high
profile children and the lines are well-known.

Next is Phillip Norwood (1694-1733), probable s/o John Norwood and Sarah
Dorsey. He married Comfort LNU in 1719 in Anne Arundel Co. and then died
there in 1733. No known children.

Then there is Samuel Norwood (1699-1773), s/o John Norwood and Sarah
Dorsey. He married Mary Mullikin in 1730 in Anne Arundel Co. and had
several children.

There is a Samuel Norwood (1708-XXX), possible s/o Samuel Norwood and
Sarah Dorsey. He married Ann/Mary Belt in 1731. No known children.

And last of all is John Norwood (1692-bef 1737), s/o John Norwood and
Sarah Dorsey. He married Rachel Marriarte in 1726 in Baltimore Co.
Callam states:
*"He lived beyond his means, had white servants, and ran into debt.
His brother Samuel helped him, but he was put into debtor's prison."
*I have seen several records from the Maryland State Archives which
mention him as prisoner.
/*Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly, May, 1730-August, 1732
*/Vol 37, pg 298 Assembly Proceedings, August 19-September 6, 1731.
/.....Richard Roper John Norwood & Richard Sympson languishing Prisoners
in Ann Arundell County Goal.....

/All this list can do is tell you who was alive at the time to possibly
father a child. I am still working the early Norwoods and therefore
cannot promise that these are the only Norwoods who were around at the
time. But it is the best info I have for right now.

I too would be interested in any information which might help straighten
out the Gordian Knot of John Norwoods. Also any information about early
Maryland Norwood menfolk.

Kitty Crowley

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