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From: Roberta McElhenie <>
Subject: [NYGENESE] Land Records
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 16:16:10 -0700

Thanks to all who have responded to my questions regarding the Holland
Land Company and deed records. I haven't quite gotten what I need yet
and I'm afraid I may have stated it poorly so I'll try again. I found
names in the book "Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824" by
Karen E. Livsey, that I think are my ancestors. The book gave me
transaction dates (1817) and the Section/Township/Range number which
told me the land was located in what is now Niagara County. I wanted to
order the microfilm with the actual deed on it. I ordered the deed
index microfilm for both grantors and grantees up through 1891 and the
names from the book do not show up in the indexes.

Since Genesee was the parent county for this area I figured there might
be some Holland Land experts out there. If someone had land in the
Holland Land Company would the deeds still be recorded at the county
level or should I be looking somewhere else? Is it possible the deeds
were recorded in Genesee? Would deeds transferring what was originally
Holland Land Co property be recorded differently?

Thanks again for your expert advice,
Fresno, CA

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