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From: "Nivard Ovington" <>
Subject: Re: [OE] gmail and Outlook Express
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 22:27:15 -0000
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Hi Bob and all with an interest in receiving own postings using gmail

Sorry its later than I said but Christmas sort of got in the way <vbg>

Now to my problem (or rather ex problem)

I have left the text of my original post to illustrate the original problem

I have now got a reasonable alternative to my original set up with one
slight addition which I find I can live with

I eventually had a mail from googlemail in answer to my problems and there
are two settings which need to be altered (if necessary) for it to work

Copied e mail instructions from googlemail
In order to resolve this issue, please try to enable recent mode in your
POP client by replacing '' in the 'Username' field
of your POP client settings with 'recent:', and
enable 'Leave messages on server' in your POP client settings.

Recent mode fetches mail for the last 30 days, regardless of any other
factors. If you don't 'Leave messages on server' your messages will be
moved to Bin after download.

Although I could not find a field named Username, I found in Outlook
under Tools > Accounts > Properties (of the account in question) > Servers
and under Incoming mail server it shows an Account name, in that box is my e
mail address, so adding the recent: as a prefix to the e mail address has
now enabled the sending
of mails to my address and the receiving of mails sent from my address to a
mailing list to which I am subscribed

I already had the setting "leave messages on server" but did not realise the
significance of it, once I had added the prefix as above it downloaded a
copy of every mail on the server (over 6500 !!) it took a little while to
clear them off but worth the effort

The one fly in the ointment (so I thought) is that it not only downloads a
copy of every posting from my address to a mailing list but it also
downloads a copy of every mail I send from my address to anyone else

I thought it would be a pain at first but have found its quite useful to
know that its gone through the server and no hardship to delete, I could
have set up a rule to delete it but instead set up a rule to highlight them
in a garish colour to make them stand out and be obvious

I hope that helps others who have a similar problem, it seems that Sky do
not know about the setting and not all do at gmail

Best wishes Nivard Ovington, in Cornwall (UK)

>> Dear all
>> I wondered if anyone has found a solution to the infuriating problem with
>> gmail in that it does not receive any posting from your own e mail
>> address
>> or copies of your own postings to mailing lists
>> Sky have recently moved over to gmail which is driving me around the bend
>> A work around is to send a cc copy to another e mail address but its
>> remembering to do it
>> I have repeatedly enquired with Sky and gmail but neither seem interested
>> Any help or advice appreciated
>> Best wishes Nivard Ovington, in Cornwall (UK)

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