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From: Maria Campbell <>
Subject: [PALANCAS] July 1848 Marriages in the Lancaster Intelligencer
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 17:58:45 -0400

The Lancaster Intelligencer: Tues. 4 July 1848: Marriages: Page 2

SHUMACKER-ENGEL.-On Thursday last, by the Rev. J. J. Strine, John SHUMACKER, to Elizabeth ENGEL, both of West Lampeter.

The Lancaster Intelligencer: Tues. 11 July 1848: Marriages: Page 2

MYERS-MARKLEY.-In Columbia, on the 15th ult., by the Rev. William Barns, William MYERS, to Ann C. MARKLEY, both of Columbia.

SPRING-BEAVERSON.-On the 29th ult., by the same, John SPRING, to Magdalen BEAVERSON, both of Columbia.

ERHART-BAKER.-On the 4th inst., by the Rev. J. C. Baker, Daniel ERHART, to Elizabeth BAKER, both of Rapho.

HESS-WORRELL.-On the 6th inst., by the same, William Hess, of Penningtonville, Chester county, to Sarah WORRELL, of Salisbury twp., Lancaster co.

The Lancaster Intelligencer: Tues. 18 July 1848: Marriages: Page 2

HAUNER-WEAVER.-At New Holland on the 4th inst., by Rev. J. C. Barnitz, David HAUNER to Lydia WEAVER of East Earl.

PARSON-BRIMMER.-By the same, on the 9th inst., Samuel PARSON to Catharine BRIMMER of New Holland.

WILLIAMS-WILSON.-On the 11th inst., by the Rev. J. C. Baker, John C. WILLIAMS, to Mary M. WILSON, both of Wrightsville, York county.

MAGLOCHLIN-MYERS.-On the 12th inst., by the same, James MAGLOCHLIN, to Elizabeth MYERS, both of Chester county.

URBAN-SHINDEL.-On the 14th inst., by the same, Hiram URBAN, to Louisa SHINDEL, both of this city.

ATWOOD-WAY.-On the 2d inst., by the Rev. Mr. Farquharson, N. L. ATWOOD, of York, to Jane R. WAY, of Howard, Centre county.

The Lancaster Intelligencer: Tues. 25 July 1848: Marriages: Page 2

MILLER-MILLER.-On the 20th inst., by the Rev. J. J. Strine, Mr. Sebastian MILLER to Miss Margaret MILLER, both from Columbia.

SWARTZWELDER-LEAMON.-On the 16th ult. by the Rev. John Wallace, Mr. J. B. SWARTZWELDER, of Reading, Pa., to Miss Margaret E. [LEAMON], daughter of John LEAMON, Esq., of Soudersburg, Lancaster county.
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