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From: "Don Krieger" <>
Subject: [PAPhl] The Address Project
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2010 19:58:32 -0400
In-Reply-To: <F96438E8CFC3445AA852B74DED2022BD@Desktop>

Hi Everyone,

I have begun placing complete Census reels up on the site for a bunch of
New York, Baltimore, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Cincinatti, Cleveland, Newark.
The reels from 1900 are almost complete and those from 1910 are about 1/2
done. I have two
machines running 24/7 doing the work. I plan to do 1900 through 1930 for
these cities and to
then go back and do the remaining major cities: Chicago, St. Louis,
Richmond(VA), Atlanta, Denver,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, ...

I also have created a tool which allows anyone to add information to the
searchable index for
each reel. The idea is to use this to enter the address ranges and street
names for every page.
This will allow someone who has an address to find the census page
corresponding to that address
quickly. The best that exists right now is the Enumeration District <-->
Street Name index at . Here we will have an index which you can search on a
street name. The results
will show a list of pages matching the street name with the address range
shown for each page. You
will then pick the page you want to view, click on the link to view the

The key is to have access to the Census page images, a tool which enables
entering the information,
and lots of people who are interested in helping. You can find it at . I've also
placed a choice in the SEARCH selection menu to search all reels for a
state. That will make the searches
much faster, but we must enter the information in the index first. In the
meantime, the pages are going up
on the site as fast as I can render them.

Each Census page now includes a link entitled: "The Address Project:
Add/Edit the Index." Clicking on this
loads the tool into the upper right frame. There you can enter the address
range and street name, e.g.:
245 285 Palmetto Street
Or you make multiple entries if the page covers more than one street, e.g.
245 285 Palmetto Street 1010 1015 Howell Avenue

Of course try to be accurate but don't worry about making spelling or other
errors. It only takes a moment
to load a page and enter the information and the potential value of the
effort to all of us and so many others
is quite large.

This is a way of creating address directories from the census.
I'm hoping that many of us will be interested in the project, will
participate, and will provide
good criticism and ideas for moving it forward. Please let me know what you
think, either on the list or
via email.

Don Krieger
Pittsburgh, PA
akadonnew __AT__

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