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From: "Thomas Myers" <>
Subject: Re: [Pirates/History/Ancestry] Captain William Kidd
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:30:31 -0800

Thanks for your reply, Tony. My ancestor escaped trial. The story has it that he was part of Kidd's crew and jumped ship in New York. One version has it that he was Kidd's cabin boy.

As follows is what I know as has been passed down:

There was a fellow in the Myers' lineage that was a member of Captain William Kidd's crew, possibly the cabin boy. Now, either this fellow feared persecution or feared for his life, one way or another on one of Kidd's voyages he jumped ship in New York and fled.

The story has it that he knew the whereabouts of some of Kidd's plunder either by map or other means and that he, for lack of better words, 'dug it up'. The wealth remained in the family through several generations and was eventually used in part to aid in the founding of the F.E. Myers & Brothers Company of Ashland, OH. (this occurred mid 1800's)

Now based on that little bit of information my brother (who is a historian by profession) researched Kidd to some extent and found out that he in fact did operate as far north as New York. On the other side I have learned that the Myers' family responsible for the founding the fore mentioned company indeed has some dark secrets in the closet but I cannot find any indication of any relation to piracy. I have found a murder and some dirty political dealings but no mention of piracy.

On another note my family lineage has several variations of the name "Myers" which are Meyer, Meyers, Myer, Myers, Moyer, and Moyers. For instance, my GGGrandfather spelled his name Joseph MOYER. Joseph's son Peter went by MOYERS, and Peter's sons spelled their names as MYERS or MEYERS.

That's what I have and I'm sorry cause I don't know if it's much use at all.

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From: Tony Malesic
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Subject: Re: [Pirates/History/Ancestry] Captain William Kidd

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002 07:16:41 -0800, "Thomas Myers"
<> wrote:

>I have learned through family folk-lore that I have an ancestor who was
> a supposed member of Captain Kidd's crew. Does anybody have any idea
> how one would go about determining whether this information is factual or fictional?

What is the name of your ancestor?

If it is Myers, he was not among those of Kidd's crew brought to trial
on May 8, 1701.


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