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From: Barbara P Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] Poythress & John Peter Wagnon in Fla references1793-1814
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 19:05:05 -0700

In trying to catch up on some emails, I saw in Robert Davis' News List
message of 19 Dec 2007, the following reference to a helpful website,
which was submitted to Davis by Ken Thomas: A free everyname index to
the 128 microfilm reels of the East Florida Papers (1784-1821; available
at the Library of Congress and the University of Florida) is at:


I searched that website on the spelling "Poythress." That search
revealed 8 hits, several of which involve GEORGE POYTHRESS and JOHN
PETER WAGNON (previously mentioned on our List). One of the hits
involves a Thomas Poythress in an 1814 reference. I tried to go back and
check on alternate Poythress spellings, but understandably the Univ of
FL website is quite busy today, with them playing in a Bowl Game.

It would be interesting to see the actual items that this index refers
to, from Florida long before statehood -- and even before it became a
U.S. Territory (1822, per Wikipedia) -- back when it was Spanish
Florida. The indexed items can apparently be viewed at the Univ of
Florida Library and at the Library of Congress, in Washington, DC.

If anyone can help clarify the locations mentioned here (other than St
Augustine, FL), I'd appreciate hearing where they are/were.

And if anyone knows who Carlos Howard & Bartolome Morales were, it would
be helpful in interpreting this info; perhaps Spanish military officers?

Square brackets below are mine; parentheses are from the website.
= = = =
ID # 49740
Date December 23, 1793
Reel # 152
Provenance [blank]
Item # 1793-12
Section # 77
Location St. Augustine

slave Antonio AKA Antonio Colman solicits manumission
74p Savannah; Thomas Porter; John Peter Wagnon; Dr. Thomas Travers; Juan
Canard; John Hambly; George (Poythress); Noah Williams; William Wynn;
San Nicolas; Jorge Osguan; Jorge Clay; carpenter Joseph Oswald; Andres
(Kamel); Jorge Clarke; Juliana Bouve. Resolved July 13, 1799.

= = = = =
ID # 28510
Date January 30, 1795
Reel # 51
Provenance [blank]
Item # doc 1795-308-doc
Section # 32
Location St. Augustine

George Poythress
1p. Promise to deliver on 1 June to John Peter Wagnon $1,500 worth of
cattle and $500 worth of horses.

= = = = =
ID # 28727
Date May 28, 1795
Reel # 51
Provenance [blank]
Item # doc 1795-310-doc
Section # 32
Location St. Augustine

John Peter Wagon to (George Poythress)
1 1/2p. Sending Mr. Tally to assist in bringing horses and cattle to
Florida; money very scarce; needs horses and saddle; has money for
cattle; mentions John McQueen and Mr. Robinson.

= = = = =
ID # 28785
Date June 30, 1795
Reel # 51
Provenance [blank]
Item # doc 1795-368-doc
Section # 325
Location San Vizente

Carlos Howard to Bartolome Morales
4p. Enclosing letter from Pedro Carne indicating fall of Fuerte Juana;
Capts. Hall and Hollingsworth directed to raise residents around San
Nicolas and patrol to pursue the thieves; disposition of boats; shortage
of rations; cannon fire heard up river; Howard lacks boat to go where
needed; letter from Poythress.

= = = = =
ID # 28788
Date June 30, 1795
Reel # 51
Provenance [blank]
Item # doc 1795-371-doc
Section # 32
Location San Vizente

Carlos Howard to Bartolome Morales
3p. George Cook back from Georgia with one Poythress who wants to go to
St. Augustine to find buyers for cattle has brought to St. Marys River;
Cook's news from Georgia; mentions J. P. Wagnon.

= = = = =
ID # 28808
Date July 2, 1795
Reel # 52
Provenance [blank]
Item # doc 1795-384-doc
Section # 32
Location San Nicolas

Carlos Howard to Bartolome Morales
7 1/2p. Pedro Carne sent Georgian [sic] Poythress to Howard; Discusses
Poythress dealing with J. P. Wagnon to bring cattle to Florida and has
allowed him and Wagnon to go to St. Marys for cattle and explains why;
mentions George Cook, N. Hall and Jose Sumerlane; R. Lang said to be
Capt. of enemy expedition in Florida.

= = = = =
ID # 28812
Date July 3, 1795
Reel # 42
Provenance (blank)
Item # doc 1795-388-doc
Section # 325
Location San Nicolas
Carlos Howard to Bartolome Morales
4p. Militiaman across from San Nicolas surprised by Plowden Hampton,
Holly and Guilder; Plowden says Gen. Clark in Florida with 200 men
though information for Poythress contradicts this; Plowden swears
vengance particularly against J. Forrester and T. Stirling; Howard
believes Gen. Clark may lead expedition into Florida at Rolleston near
Lame Wiggens' place and if so can not bring artillery.

= = = = =
ID # 50660
Date February 4, 1814
Reel # 165
Provenance (blank)
Item # (blank)
Section # 81
Location Fernandina

Thomas Poythress to Jose Bergallo
Sale of the ship CAIO VAK (?).

= = = = =
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