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From: Barbara P Neal <>
Subject: Re: [POYTHRESS] Poythress & John Peter Wagnon in Flareferences 1793-1814
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 22:17:17 -0700
References: <477AF151.2060403@earthlink.net>

In those references, San Nicolas was given as the location for the two
references in July 1795 to Poythress; and Fernandina was the 1814
location given for the item about Thomas Poythress' sale of a ship to
Jose Bergallo.

"San Nicolas" is identified as Fort San Nicolas "at the Cow Ford" -- And
the Cow Ford is identified as present-day Jacksonville. In 1795, French
Republicans captured Fort San Nicolas and held it briefly.

"Fernandina: Take I-95 north out of Jacksonville and get off at Yulee
heading on A1A east. The highway takes you over the Amelia River
Bridge. At Centre Street turn left and go down to the end to Britt's
Waterway Cafe at the marina where you can park. There is a sign near
here indicating that William Bartram traveled by this area. Fernandina
is located on Amelia Island along the coast, 32 miles north of
Jacksonville. The Island was named by General James Edward Oglethorpe
in honor of Princess Amelia, the daughter of King George II of England.
The Island is 13.5 miles long."

These location descriptions & associated info come from a website
"Discovering Jacksonville and the Surrounding Area: Historical Tours"
by Patrick L. Cooney, PhD, having daytrip destinations within a
chronological and historical order to increase enjoyment of the area
within a day's drive out and back from Jacksonville, Florida.

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