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From: "Julie Cabitto" <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] improvements to LVA website & Confederate pension forWL Poythress
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 11:30:24 -0500

I just made a discovery and wanted to share in case you didn't know. I recently tried to get on the LVA website and it said it was temporarily shut down for the weekend for maintenance and adding more user friendly options -and to check back soon.

I checked on the site last night. Now, right on the opening page of the website there's a Google search bar. Also if you go to "LVA catalogs basic search" It searches the whole website. I was trying to find a Jones WPA record, and you know how many hits Jones in VA would bring! So I typed "Jones Mecklenburg" (not even in quotes) and only results with Jones in Mecklenburg County showed up. I missed records trying to type in first names, so now on I only do surname searches, and then see how the first name was written, then check out the record to see if it's relative. The chancery search screens have greatly improved too. You can search by county or region. And more counties are up than there was last time I checked. I re-did some previous searches and there is so much more info available than searches I did 6 months ago. This LVA catalogue basic search screen brings up newspaper articles, military info, newspaper searches, WPA reports on houses or people etc. Still may want to separately try surnames in the wills and chancery section just to make sure you don't miss something. And if those screens are easier to get to. You can just type wills or chancery in the search bars and it takes you right to the search screens. It used to take 4-5 screens to navigate to that point. So happily the site is way more user friendly now!!

I've done Poythress searches before and not seen the Confederate pension of WL Poythress, but I did find it today. This WL Poythress is father of Foxhall Poythress and son of Thomas M. Poythress. If you would like me to email you the pension, send me an email. It's 4 pages in TIFF file, totaling about 200 KB, so pretty small file.
Love, Julie

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