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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] Sarah Ann nee Simpson Poythress (1831-1919) marrRussell King Poythress, Troup Co, GA
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 22:11:08 -0700

Hi Patrick - with a copy to our Poythress List of subscribers -

It's great to hear from you. How neat that you live in the house in
England that her family came to America from. I'd be thrilled to learn
whatever more you can tell me about Sarah. It's great to learn her year of
birth from your email heading, for example.

Through the years, I collected a lot of info on their children. I'll have
to delve back into the info I have, in order to be sure, but from just
recalling "off the top of my head" I am not sure I know of any of their 4
children possibly having living descendants at this point.

I'm sorry I've had to be immersed in other demands on my time today, and I
will be again tomorrow at least through much of the day, but hopefully I
may have some time tomorrow or Friday, to allow my delving back into this
branch of the Poythress family to see what I can share with you.

If it would be okay with you, I'd appreciate both your and my compiled
info being posted in emails with copies going to the Poythress List of
email subscribers, as this email does.

The advantage of doing that, is that messages copying the Poythress List
are automatically archived and searchable later -- and it is apparently
through one or more of those emails that you found me.

One never knows when (sooner, or later) some possible descendant of Sarah's
might see the archived email, and attempt to contact the person who wrote
the email.

Our Poythress List has emails that have been archived since March 1995.
We also have a Poythress researchers' website, to which many of us
contributed info through the years: poythress.net At the top edge of the
website, are several links. The one on the right, "Message Archives" has 2
ways of searching the archives -- one just chronologically, and the other
where you can specify Keyword(s) to search. In the advanced search of
Keywords, it is most helpful to put your search term, or names, in the
"Body" rather than the "Subject" field. You can narrow down dates or not.

Back at the poythress.net homepage, you'll see many other things available,
including a link on the right end of the line about "Poythress Discussion
List" leading one to a page where he or she can subscribe to the List. The
List has not been as active in the last couple of years, as it was in
earlier years, so even by subscribing your In-Box will not be swamped. (I
believe that link also tells one how to post a message to the List if one
is not subscribed.) Our volunteer webmaster has long had a very intense
"day job" and thus not had enough time to post all that he would like to
add, to the webpage, but even so, much info is available at the website.

I promise I will write more re the family soon, and I really look forward
to learning more about Sarah's family and the story you've researched re
how they came to America in 1846. Thank you so much, Patrick, for getting
in touch!

Best regards,

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 6:22 AM, Patrick Vaughan <
> wrote:

> Dear Barbara,
> I am taking the liberty of writing to you, having seen your message about
> Maynard Poythress's death in 2012, from which I got the impression that you
> are associated with a genealogical research group.
> I am researching Sarah Ann Poythress (nee Simpson). She was the wife of
> Russell K. Poythress, had a family of four by him, and is buried in
> Woodlands Cemetery Philadelphia PA.
> I would very much like to be put in touch with any surviving descendants
> of hers, and wonder whether you can help me in this respect.
> I am writing to you from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, from the house in
> which Sarah grew up. Her father was the first owner of this house, which
> was built in 1835, and I am the current owner. There is an elaborate story
> about how she and her family moved to New York in 1846, which I have
> researched in Sheffield newspapers, and would be happy to share with
> interested people.
> I will be extremely grateful for any help, advice or contacts that you can
> suggest to me.
> Kind regards,
> Patrick Vaughan

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