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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] Patrick's story of Sarah Ann nee Simpson Poythress(1831-1919) marr Russell King Poythress, Troup Co, GA
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 14:58:40 -0700

Hi Patrick & all,
Thank you for your draft piece on Sarah Ann Simpson later-Poythress, which
I received thanks to you sending it to me as well as to the Poythress
List. Alas, I was remiss in failing to tell you -- emails going to the
List (or any other of the many thousands of subscription lists hosted
through RootsWeb) cannot have any attached files. I am attaching the
email itself which you wrote, since it will have not made it into the
Poythress List subscribers' In-Boxes, or its archives.

Your draft piece on Sarah's story is beautifully written and footnoted,
which I greatly appreciate, as I always wonder at the source of info.
Rather than my copying as pure text your story here in an email to all the
List, I'll go ahead and now begin drafting an email here, that I was about
to begin compiling -- with a bunch of info on the extended family. It is
my hope that some of it may enable you to weave in some further details to
the story of Sarah and her descendants, thus amplifying your draft before
further sharing it.

And since of course I too cannot make attachments in emails here, I will
send you separately, Patrick, one great find I made last night -- Sarah's
Death Certificate in Texas -- for the benefit of others I'll include my
transcribed notes from it. [For this email, I'll just add that Sarah's
Death Certificate, by the way, lists her mother's maiden name as Wilkinson,
so I think from the Philadelphia gravestone inscription of her mother as
"Ann Wilkinson Simpson" which you mentioned in a footnote, thinking
Wilkinson was a forename rather than a maiden name, the inscription a
not-uncommon American custom for many, of including the maiden name.]

All for now. I have work to do compiling info into a message. Thanks
again, Patrick, for getting in touch.

On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Patrick Vaughan <
> wrote:

> Dear Barbara,
> I have now had a go at tidying up a draft piece on Sarah Ann
> Simpson/Poythress. As you will see there are plenty of gaps in my
> information. If you (or any of your Poythress circle) can help me with
> more data, I shall be delighted to hear from you!
> Let me know what you think of the attached. Its written more as a 'story'
> than in the usual genealogical language - so I hope you can make allowances
> for that!
> Best wishes,
> Patrick

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