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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] Likely why Sarah Simpson came to LaGrange,GA where she married Poythress
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 22:38:33 -0700

The below info about Joseph Poythress having been a founding trustee of a
school for females (when his eldest daughter was age 9), was learned from a
book quote, to which our Poythress List was introduced in an (archived)
email dated 21 April 1997, captioned "Poythresses in Troup Co, Ga" which
email was written by Caroline. [At the bottom of this email, I'll quote
from more of Caroline's 1997 email, which contains other info about Joseph,
and about Charles E Poythress, eldest son of Russell King Poythress & Sarah
Ann Simpson, who was born 1852.]

The book Caroline mentioned is
THE HISTORY OF TROUP COUNTY (Georgia), by Clifford L. Smith; printed by
Foot and Davies Company of Atlanta in 1933; Dr. Smith had degrees from
Emory University and the University of Chicago.

Joseph Poythress (father of Russell K and others) was one of the founding
trustees, and the president of the trustees, for LaGrange Female Academy,
for which the Charter was granted on 26 Dec 1831.

fyi, that school later became (and still is) LaGrange College, a regionally
well regarded institutution. This Charter was granted when Joseph's eldest
daughter was 9.

>From the history section of the college's website (lagrange.edu) on 26 Aug
2009: "The oldest private college in Georgia, LaGrange has a rich history
spanning 175 years. In 1831, LaGrange began as a women's academy that was
housed in a large white building just across the street from our current
campus. A few years later, in 1842, we moved to our present location on
"the Hill," which is the highest geographical point in the city of
LaGrange. We changed our name to LaGrange Female College in 1851, then to
LaGrange College in 1934. The school officially became coed in 1953.
LaGrange has retained Methodist ties throughout its history. Today LaGrange
College is part of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist

The part of Caroline's 1997 email that pertains to the book she introduced
us to:

Subject: Poythresses in Troup Co, Ga
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:56:41 -0400 (EDT)

This weekend, I was working on [her other family lines] in Troup County (La
Grange) Georgia:

I found POYTHRESSES {who are not to be found in that side of the family}
THE HISTORY OF TROUP COUNTY(Ga), by Clifford L. Smith was printed by Foot
and Davies Company of Atlanta in 1933, Dr. Smith had degrees from Emory
University and the University of Chicago.

I. In 1829-30 the court house was built in La Grange, County Seat. "Among
the early citizens who carried on businesses on the square were:" (here
follows a list including) JOSEPH POYTHRESS. (p.49)

II. A list of men who fought in the World War (when there was only one)
from Troup Co includes: TALLEY POYTHRESS (p.252) {in 1933 when the book was
written, they still separated the white soldiers from the "colored" ones.
This one was white, or accepted as so. [Barbara's note Feb 2014: I don't
know who Talley Poythress was]

III. Under the heading: Officials and Old Citizens of Troup County:(pg 292)
- b. Sep 27, 1852; d. Sep. 10, 1918; m. Martha E. - b.Apr 6, 1858; d.Sep
24, 1926; Tax Collector 1913-18; 1920-25
Hillview Annex (burial place, addition to Hillview Cemetary)

- b.1789;d.Apr 14, 1853; m. Mary B. b. Jun 30, 1798; d. Sep 29, 1854;
Trustee of LaGrange Female Academy, 1831; the old home is {1933} site of
the LaGrange Post Office.
- Hillview Cemetary

IV. Under the heading : Acts of Legislature: LaGrange Female Academy, Dec.
26,1831: an Act to Incorporate Certain Academies and to Appoint Trustees
for said Academies: Sec. 4 lists Trustees:
Wilson Williams, Julius Alford, Rufus Broome, James Herring, John E. Gage,
William A. Redd and JOSEPH POYTHRESS and their successors in office be they
declared to be a body corporate, under the and style of the Trustees of the
LaGrange Female Academy, in the county of Troup....

{Caroline's Note:} The said academy was established by the Georgia
Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, {which had split over
the issue of letting a bishop's wife own a slave left to her by her father.}

In 1847 the LaGrange Female Institute became the LaGrange Female College
with the ability to grant degrees.

Of course this information may be nothing but it could be someone's link to
their Poythress line from a "misplaced person."...
[end of quoted portion of Caroline's 1997 email]

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