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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] Barbara Poythress Neal response to S C Hawksworth rePoytress inquiry 2/9/14
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 14:42:54 -0700

Hi Stephen - It's great to hear from you, and I'm so sorry that this
response is coming to you so late -- 12 days after your initial email to
me, at my old and seldom-used email account. Today I did my monthly check
of the old account and saw your email, and forwarded it here to my current

I'm copying on this email the subscribers to our Poythress List of
researchers. Our free subscription list has been less active in recent
years, but a number of us have worked together since the mid-1990s trying
to research Poythress / Poytress folk. We have a website for Poythress
researchers, at poythress.net, maintained by one of our volunteer Poythress
descendants in his available free time, though he is still fully employed
at a demanding job that keeps him from having much time to regularly devote
to the website. There is a link at the website to help anyone wishing to
subscribe to the emails of the Poythress List -- and I guarantee they are
not so numerous or frequent that they would drown your email In-Box.

The emails of our Poythress list [which emails cannot have attached files]
since the mid 1990s are automatically archived at a rootsweb website which
is easily searchable by anyone on the internet; a link to searching it is
at the top of our website, giving 2 ways to search the archives -- either
by a specific word or name, or by browsing the emails chronologically.

Thanks to google map I see that Staunton, which you mention in your email
as the location that 3 Hawksworth family members left in 1914-1915, to come
to Fresno, California, is located in Gloucestershire.

Gloucstershire is where it appears Francis Poytress /Poythress [using the
spelling now most prevalent here in the US among his descendants] was
christened in 1609 -- at St Mary's Church, Newent. Francis was a factor,
or agent, for a London merchant, here in Virginia by 1633. Info about
Francis and early documents in Virginia, can be seen at our above-mentioned

I know from info shared by a Poytress researcher in England, that Francis'
father was a John, and that Francis had a brother, Christopher, who stayed
in England, and presume that through the resulting 11 generations (or more
by now) of Poytress-surnamed poeple in England, most if not all would be
related somehow to Francis who was in Virginia by 1633.

The info I have from that descendancy line (which may also be in one or
more Poythress List email archived], does not trace down all the Poytress
lines from Christopher, and the one line of the Poytress descendants in
England which I've seen does not include the below-mentioned father of the
fellow who came to Fresno, CA in June 1891.

I would greatly welcome learning from you if you know more re the English
forebears of the fellow who came to Fresno than what is shown in the
below-mentioned 2 resources.

Though I'll summarize below, I strongly encourage you to check more info re
why John Albert Poythress came to Fresno, CA, and re his life there, in a
local history book compiled in 1919 by Paul E Vandor, and published then in
Los Angeles; the portion of the book re the Poytress family is posted on
the internet at:

>From that, and from piecing together other info in the US, I'll summarize
here that:

John Albert Poytress was born 10 March 1871 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire,
England, as the fourth oldest of seven children born to his father John,
who died in 1909 [sic; a site in England, copied below, had father's burial
in 1908], and his mother, Mary Ann Cooper [presumably her maiden name], who
died in 1910. It states that his parents were farmers in Gloucestershire.

John Albert Poytress immigrated from Gloucester in June 1891.

In September 1893, he married Mary Wells at Easton, CA, which is just to
the south side of Fresno.

According to the 1900 Census, as I transcribed it from an image of the
page, viewed at FamilySearch.org:

1900 US Population Census, 4th Judicial Township of Fresno County, CA;
Supervisor's District 5, Enumeration District 11, Sheet 7-B, enumerated 13
June 1900 by A.E.Balch, Dwelling 151, Family 152, Lines 75-77 (only the
following 3 people in the household/family):

- Poytress, John A., head, white, male, born Mar 1871, age 29, married 6
yrs, born England, father born England, mother born England, immigrated to
US in 1891, 9 yrs in US, Naturalized citizen, occupation fruit grower, 0
months unemployed, can read, can write, can speak English, owns farm,
mortgaged, Farm, 132 is the number of his farm on the Census Farm Schedule

- Poytress, Mary, wife, white, female, born Sept 1867, age 32, married 6
yrs, mother of 1 child, 1 child living, born England, father born England,
mother born England, immigrated to US in 1893, 7 yrs in US, (naturalization
status is a squiggle that probably means Not Applicable since she gets her
immigration status from her husband), can read, can write, can speak English

- Poytress, Eleanor M. [Mary], daughter, white, female, born July 1894,
age 5, single, born California, father born England, mother born England,
attended school 4 months

In June 1909, after John's wife Mary had died, he married Annie Hopkins,
who was born in Gloucester, England. Presumably they married in Fresno Co,
CA, though their place of marriage is not mentioned in Vandor's book, which
named her as "Miss Annie Hopkins" though the 1910 Census-taker showed "M-2"
for each of them, signifying second marriage, and showed they had been
married "0" years [thus they married after 15 April 1909]. The census
indicates that Annie and her sister Alice Hopkins [in the same household]
immigrated to the US in about April or May of 1909, apparently with their
brother, Harry Hopkins, sister-in-law, Florence L, and niece, Ivy G, age 12
months as of 1910 Census [They lived in the household next door].

We know from the obit of Roderick John Poytress, who lived 18 Sep 1919 to
13 Jun 2003, that he was "the eldest son, and last surviving sibling, of
eight children born to J A Poytress and Annie Hopkins."

While it's possible that her name may have been Annie Ellen Hopkins (since
in the 1920 census John's wife was listed as "Ellen") I have seen no record
listing her middle name. It seems more probable to me that the 1920
census-taker misunderstood and mistakenly wrote John's wife's name as
Ellen, conflating info re his wife, Annie nee Hopkins, with the name of
John's eldest daughter (from his earlier marriage), Eleanor, who at age 25
may well have been in the household in Jan 1920 helping her stepmother,
Annie, with 4-month old Roderick.

John Albert Poytress had 6 more children, all of whom are now deceased.

>From the Birmingham, England area website, Perry Barr & Beyond, the
following two entries were located for the father of John Albert Poytress,
named John Poytress:
- POYTRESS, JOHN - Malthouse Cottages: BURIED St. Johns 17th November 1908
aged 70
- POYTRESS, JOHN - 1901 Census [taken as of 31 March], Born Tirley, Glos,
aged 62, living Perry Barr, Market Gardener

Thanks again so much for getting in touch, Stephen. I look forward to any
additional info you may have on the English Poytress connections for the
above John Poytress, buried at St Johns 17 Nov 1908 at age 70.

Kind regards,

> From: S C Hawksworth Ltd
> <>
> Sent: Feb 9, 2014 12:47 PM
> Subject: Poytress family
> Hello Barbara
> I was wondering if this is the John Poytres with a connection with
> Staunton, England.
> John Poytress employed William Hawksworth as a farmer in Fresno in 1914.
> William, Wesley and Mabel Hawksworth travelled from Staunton to Fresno
> 1914-1915.
> Kind Regards
> Stephen Hawksworth
> AND Stephen also wrote, in his message to get beyond the spam-filter on
my old earthlink email account:
Message: *My family were related to the Poytress family, and employed by
John Poytress*

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