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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] North Newington Baptist Church Cemetery - Old Site &New Site
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 01:13:33 -0700

Today I stumbled across the fact that the North Newington Baptist Church
cemetery in fact has 2 listings at FindAGrave.com:
- OLD Site (33 burials: See info further below)
- NEW Site (616 burials)

However apparently as of today the New Site has not yet had its 616 burials
fully indexed into FindAGrave. Thus, in order to search its burials, at
least as of today, one must go to the listing for the cemetery itself.

One searches for a cemetery at FindAGrave.com on the right-hand side of the
homepage, just below where one would normally select the search of all
burials to check by name of the deceased person. The choice below that is
to find a cemetery.

While that should work to find both the OLD and NEW North Newington Baptist
Church Cemetery sites, tonight when one reaches the NEW site, one does not
have the choice, on the right-hand side, of "View all interments" which I
was able to do earlier today.

I had stumbled across the cemetery from a google link to FindAGrave when
searching on the name of one of the Poythress folk that Bud Poythress
alerted us back in 1999 was buried there, so perhaps you too can reach the
page via a google search on one of the people you know is buried there if
the "View all interments" choice is not showing when reaching the main page
for the NEW cemetery. At the bottom of this email, I'll list (hopefully
without typographical errors, but it is late) the Poythress names I noticed
there today.

General info that one learns, once one is within the site for the NEW
cemetery, includes:

616 burials have been entered at FindAGrave.com for "New North Newington
Baptist Church Cemetery" which has a mailing address of PO Box 236;
Newington, Screven County, Georgia 30446. Several photos are at the page
for the cemetery itself, each added by "jrpv" including a photo of the
church (added 28 Mar 2008); a close-up shot of the historic marker that can
be seen to our right of the church (added 28 March 2008); and a photo taken
within the cemetery (added 15 April 2008). 96% of the 616 interments
have been photographed.

FindAGrave's general page for the cemetery itself includes the following
write-up, with the 2nd paragraph quoting the historic plaque:

Cemetery notes and/or description:
The "New Site" of North Newington Baptist Church and Cemetery is about two
miles northeast of the Town of Newington, at 11572 Newington Highway
(Georgia Highway 24). The "Old Site" of the church had been established in
southeastern Screven County at Rooty Branch (a small tributary to the
Savannah River), by about 1803. The church moved nearly five miles WNW to
this "New Site" in 1878-1879. The Georgia Historical Commission erected
this marker (124-14) at the "New Site" in 1959:

This church was constituted at Newington Plantation, Chatham County, 1793,
in home of Thomas Polhill. Meetings alternated between the Polhill home
near Goshen settlement and the Fox Family home near King's Bridge on the
Ogeechee River until 1797. The first meeting house, called Bethel, was
built at King' Bridge, 1797. In 1802 it removed to Newington Plantation.
Members met in conference at Rooty Branch Church, Screven County, an arm of
Black Swamp Baptist Church, South Carolina, 1803 to 1806, where they
resolved to meet in the future at this house. In 1826 the name was changed
to Newington, Screven County, and in 1852 to North Newington. In 1879 the
church was moved to the present site. Affiliated with Carolina Assn. at
first, then the Savannah River Assn. in 1802, the Sunbury Assn. in 1830,
this chuch has been a member of the Baptist Middle Assn. since 1841. Early
officers were:
Pastors, John Goldwire, Henry Hand, John L. Southwell, Isaac Nichols, Wm.
W. Lee, William Spiers.
Deacons, Thos. Polhill, Wm. Mathers, Benj. Fox, Josiah Fox, James Goldwire,
Daniel Dampiers, Paul B. Colson.
Clerks, David Fox, Thos. Fox, Henry W. Williams, James Goldwire, Paul B.

For the OLD North Newington Baptist Church Cemetery, at Blue Springs,
Screven Co, GA, 33 burials have Memorials, created by jrpv from earlier
Cemetery Surveys, which are discussed at a listing near the top of the
cemetery's burials.

The OLD site's 33 burials include the following which mention the surname
- H J Poythress, b.9 Jul 1875; d.9 Oct 1876
- L C Poythress, b.17 Nov 1871; d.19 Dec 1872
- Mary E nee Mercer Poythress, b.10 Mar 1846; d.16 Dec 1899
- Z L Poythress, b.16 Apr 1873; d.15 Mar 1874

The NEW site:
At the NEW site, checking in alphabetical order only in the "P" portion,
among the 616 burials, I spotted these with Poythress mentioned, but I
realize there could be other Poythress maiden names elsewhere in the
alphabetical listing:
- Pitts, Magnolia nee Poythress, b.2 Jan 1883; d.11 Feb 1945
- Poythress, Bessie M, b.26 Mar 1887; d.11 Aug 1966
- Poythress, Beulah B, b.19 Nov 1896; d.6 Feb 1982
- Poythress, Evalina Denning, b.28 Apr 1861; d.2 May 1946
- Poythress, Frank, b.22 Nov 1885; d.18 Sep 1977
- Poythress, Gazzie H, b.22 Feb 1879; d.4 Feb 1969
- Poythress, Idella A, b.5 Jan 1859; d.26 Jan 1883
- Poythress, Ina M, b.19 May 1904; d.12 Feb 1905
- Poythress, James C, b.24 Nov 1885; d.20 Jul 1950
- Poythress, Joann, b.1936; d.1937
- Poythress, Julia Ann Usher, b.6 Feb 1873; d.24 Jun 1940
- Poythress, Martha J, b.4 Jul 1841; d.8 Dec 1935
- Poythress, Robert L, b.2 Jan 1867; d.10 Feb 1935
- Poythress, Sheddie W, b.10 Jul 1902; d.21 Jul 1903
- Poythress, Thomas Boston, b.7 Apr 1860; d.13 May 1937
- Poythress, Thomas Ralph, b.1897, d.1946
- Poythress, Verna Mae nee Bryant, b.1908, d.1945
- Poythress, Wm E, b.11 Jul 1833; d.23 Dec 1907

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