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From: "ssstlr" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 21:23:17 -0700

"Does anyone have girls named Sally
who were called Sukey in the 1798/1800
time period. It seems Sukey was a more
common nickname in the South but this was
New Hampshire."

Hi. My name is Sue and when I was a small child I was called "Sukey"
by my natural parents. My natural father was from New Hampshire. I
always wondered from where the nickname came. I saw a posting on
genforum by a person going by the name of "Sukey". I contacted her to
see why she went by "Sukey". She said it was a pet name mean "dear
one" or "beloved" and her name was not Sue, Susan, Susanna, etc. So
who knows, Sally could have been called "Sukey". If the father did
not know where she was or thought "Sukey" would produce more hunting
results than her real name, maybe that's why he used it. I would have
thought he would have used her real name, though, in his will, but
again, who knows...maybe that's the only name he remembered for her
or was still hoping that she would answer by that name.

Sue from NM

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