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Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] an invasion of privacy
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 07:39:11 EST

When I got the PC and found out so much Info I put all the information
on the net that I could think of on my family
some is right and some is wrong and not having much common sense and
just a lot of animal needs
. I needed to see it on the net. I
did all the wrong things. Out of pure stupidly.
So if anybody wants out then why upset some family member because of
my obsession.

A few people did see my family tree that weren't in it and I found
new family.
I have even found new family thru big time mistakes that got in touch
with me because my mistakes fascinated them .

One cousin asked me why another cousin wasn't in the tree. I said
because I hate him.

Another cousin has made a tree with everything in there phone nos
emails occupations everything except but my shoe size
and sent it off to people all over the world. Her tree is all
documented and really wonderful. I am fine with that because I dont care. But
is someone cares respect that

My tree is more wonderful but mostly word of mouth so she doesn't
have my info but I have all hers. She likes documents and I find documents
just as flawed as peoples memories

The point is that my tree is my tree. My love. My obsession
If someone doesn't want to be in my tree why not respect them and take
them out

And, the "general rule" for on-line genealogy databases is "no living
> people" (except yourself, if you like) and, most of us use the "1930 rule"
> for those whose deaths may not be known. If they were born before 1930,
> are on the 1930 census, and therefore "out there."
> BTW, all, please don't tell me there is no "general rule" -- it's like
> common sense, perhaps not as common as we would like!

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