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Hi Elaine,

This looks like the same group. Most of the vital stats agree at least.
Sorry, nothing on James.

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The Rutherford Family in America

Generation 1

-1. Adam Rutherford of Hall
d. in 1648
wife: Janet Rutherford of Castlewood
daughter of Robert Rutherford of Castlewood, Roxburghshire, Scotland
born abt 1614 in Roxburghshire, Scotland
married abt 1635 in Roxburghshire, Scotland
see "The Rutherfords in Britain" by Kenneth Rutherford Davis
chapter VII, page 135 and chapter IX, page 154

--2. James Rutherford
b. bef. 1631 Scotland [see below]

--2. Robert Rutherford
b. 1640 Jedburgh, Scotland
christened: 6 May 1640 Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
d. after 21 Aug 1728 probably in Essex Co., VA.

--2. Elizabeth Rutherford
christening: 23 Aug 1642 Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland

--2. Adam Rutherford
christening: March 10, 1644/45 Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland

--2. William Rutherford of Hall
He was served heir to Adam of Hall on April 4, 1648 and had sasine of 4 1/2
acres near Jedburgh.
William and his wife Jennet are buried in the nave of Jedburgh Abbey.
Their inscription reads as follows:
"Hier lyes William Rwtherford of The Hall who de pairted this lyfe Januari
8 1673. Here lyes Jennet Rwtherford of the Hall spous to Uilliam Rwtherford
who depairted this lyfe November 26 1691 and of hir age 61."

i. Thomas Rutherford
ii. Adam Rutherford
iii. Helen Rutherford
iv. Elspeth Rutherford

Adam Rutherford of Hall, Janet Rutherford his wife, and James Rutherford
their son received sasine February 17, 1630/31 of one part of the lands of
Castlewood in Roxburgh County, Scotland. Sasine was granted to Adam
Rutherford of Hall and Janet Rutherford his wife, March 4, 1631, of the
land of Easter Gillis and Knowe in Roxburgh County. (Roxburgh County
General Register of Sasines (1), Vo. 30, folio 105, 226.)

Adam Rutherford of Hall was a maltman and Burgess of Jedburgh. He was
prosperous and accommodated his kinsman, Robert Rutherfurd of Edgerston,
with a loan of 200 merks. A bond for the amount was granted Adam Rutherford
of Hall and Janet Rutherford his wife in 1633. A general service of William
Rutherford of Hall to his father Adam Rutherford of Hall was "expede"
before Archibald Douglas, January 18,1648.

Generation 2

--2. Robert Rutherford Sr.
b. ca. 1634 Jedburgh, Scotland
christened: 6 May 1640 Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
d. after 21 Aug 1728 probably in Essex Co., VA.
wife: Maragaret

The Margaret who married Robert Rutherford Sr. is not Margaret Vawter
daughter of Bartholomew as is often cited. Margaret Vawter dau. of Bartho.
married Thomas S. Tinsley III. The Margaret who m. Robert Rutherford, Sr.
was b. ca 1644 according to a deposition in court listing her age.
Bartholomew Vawter gave a gift of a cow calfe to this Margaret so her
connection to him is yet unknown. It could be a sister or is old enough to
be his mother who may have married for a second time.

This is the common mistaken citation:

"Robert Rutherford of Essex County, Virginia, was born in Jedburgh,
Scotland, and married Margaret Vawter. (Brooks and Kindred Families, 1950.
p. 295-296) Louise A. Keynton, Dallas, Texas, searched Essex County,
Virginia records and also confirmed this statement. He was probably one and
the same as the Robert Rutherford who was baptized May 6,1640, a son of
Adam Rutherford of Hall and Janet Rutherford of Roxburgh County, Scotland.
His father-in-law, Bartholomew Vawter was married to Winifred Hodgen and
had (8) children by her, one of them was Margaret Vawter born 1647 and died
about 1735 in Essex Co. VA. She was married to Robert Rutherford Sr..
Bartholomew Vawter had another unknown wife who produced another daughter
named Margaret. She was born in 1672 probably in England and died in 1687
probably Essex, Va. She was married to Robert Rutherford Jr. These two
Margaret Vawters were half sisters and were married to father and son,
Robert Rutherford Sr and Jr."

The name Robert Rutherford was recorded as early as 3/10/1676 in Old
Rappahannock County, Virginia, and as late as 7/21/1728 in Essex County,
Virginia. Conveyances of land by Robert Rutherford and his wife Margaret
verify their places of residence were in Sittenburn Parish in Old
Rappahannock County, Virginia, and in St. Anns Parish in Essex County,
Virginia. Among the neighbors of Robert Rutherford were Daniel Smith and
John Miller, both of whom moved to Augusta County where they lived
neighbors to the descendants of Robert Rutherford.

A court order bearing the date 8/4/1684 show Robert Rutherford was
appointed Constable by the Court of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.
Another court order dated 3/3/1686 ordered Robert Rutherford to pay tenancy
on his plantation. Among the wills witnessed by Robert Rutherford were
those of Thomas Page of Old Rappahannock County, 3/10/1676; David Jameson
of Essex County, 12/2/1711; and Samuel Stallard of Essex County, 12/2/1720.
Robert Rutherford was ordered by the Court of Essex County, Virginia to pay
Robert Rutherford, Jr., and John Rutherford, Jr., for their attendance in
court as witnesses on his behalf in 8/1724. Robert Rutherford of Old
Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia was probably the father of
Patrick Rutherford of Orange County, North Carolina, as well.


---3. Robert Rutherford Jr.
b. 1663 probably in Old Rappahannock Co., VA
d. 3/15/1725 in Essex Co. - made from Old Rappahannock Co.
married 1687
wife Maragaret

---3. John Rutherford
d. 11/15 - 3/15/1742 St. Ann's Parish, Essex Co.
married Mary Brown (Mary Atkinson as has been incorrectly speculated).
Mary's sister Ann married an Atkinson. Mary's father appears to be Daniel
Brown, son of Francis Brown, and her mother was Jane Copeland, daughter of
Nicholas Copeland. One of her ancestors was the Ancient Planter, Francis
Cole. Her grandfather, Nicholas Copeland, left her 170 acres in his will in
1720, which she and her husband, John Rutherford, sold.

---3. James Rutherford
d. 1759 Lunenberg Co
occupation: weaver
wife: Rose [Rosannah]
d. bef. 1759

---3. Adam Rutherford
b. abt. 1634 in Essex Co., VA
d. 7/28/1761 Louisa Co. VA
wife Margaret

Generation 3

---3. Robert Rutherford Jr.
b. 1663 probably in Old Rappahannock Co., VA
d. 3/15/1725 in Essex Co. - made from Old Rappahannock Co.
married 1687
wife Maragaret

Robert Rutherford, Jr., resided in Rappahannock Co between 1676 and1686. He
served as a witness for his father in the August term of court in 1724 in
Essex County, Virginia. The court order specified that Robert Rutherford
pay Robert Rutherford, Jr., for serving two days as a witness. Robert
Rutherford, Jr., died intestate in Essex County, Virginia, 3/15/1725, his
son John Rutherford, Jr. relinquished his right to the administration of
the estate and a certificate was granted to John Rutherford, his uncle,
with John Vawter and Thomas Thorpe as his securities, gave bond for the
just and faithful administration of the estate. The inventory was dated
4/18/1726 and the appraisement of the estate was returned 6/21/1726 by John
Rutherford, administrator.

----4. Margaret Rutherford
b. 1688

----4. John Rutherford Jr.
1689 Essex Co-1789 Lincoln Co KY
married Feb 1724/27 Essex Co VA Violetta Rennolds b. c. 1700
d/o James Rennolds d. 13 Feb 1727

----4. Capt. Thomas Rutherford
c. 1695 Essex Co VA-1768 Frederick Co VA,
also res. Orange Co VA, 1st sherriff of Frederick Co VA
married Sarah de Montargis

----4. Joseph Rutherford
b. c. 1700 Essex Co
d. bef 28 Apr 1788 Rockingham Co
married Elizabeth Elliott

----4. James Rutherford
d. 1763

----4. Mary Rutherford
d. 1798 Orange Co. VA, res. Orange Co; Winchester VA
married Col. Wood d. c. 1800 [Cartmell 290; Hayden 436 & 512]
Will of Mary Wood "To my grandaus, Mary Ann, Elizabeth and Mary Harrison
and their heirs, dated 20 Sep 1790. "At a court held for Frederick County
the 2nd day of July, 1798, this last will and Testament of Mary Wood decd
was proved by the oath of Alexander White, a wit thereto..Whereupon Obed
Waite appeared as one of the heirs of said Mary Wood from Greene's
"Winchester, Va, and Its Beginnings," pg. 353-55 married James Wood

----4. Benjamin Rutherford
1718 Essex Co-1803 Frederick Co
married 13 Nov 1744 Elizabeth

----4. Reuben Rutherford Sr.
c. 1705 Essex Co
d. 1764 Frederick Co. VA

Generation 4

----4. Joseph Rutherford
b. c. 1700 Essex Co
d. bef 28 Apr 1788 Rockingham Co
married Elizabeth Elliott

Joseph Rutherford was a resident of Essex County, Virginia in the 1720's
and early 1730's as he appeared in Essex County court proceedings December
16, 1727 in Conjunction with John Rutherford, Jr., his brother, and August
17, 1730 with Thomas Rutherford, also his brother.

County court record in Essex, Goochland, Cumberland, Augusta and Rockingham
Counties, Virginia, attest to the fact that Joseph Rutherford bought and
sold land and was active in those areas of Virginia for many years. Joseph
Rutherford was a witness to a conveyance of land in Spotsylvania County,
Virginia, for John Miller of Caroline County, Virginia, February 1, 1729.
August 11, 1764, Joseph witnessed for John Miller in Augusta County. Joseph
Rutherford entered 260 acres of land on Willis River in Albemarle County,
Virginia, and later conveyed one-half the original patent to John
Rutherford, his brother, November 25, 1751. The suit of Joseph
Rutherford's son Elliott, to clear the title of the other one-half of the
patent, is recorded in the District Court of Prince Edward County,
Virginia. Mary Rutherford, his sister, widow of Colonel James Wood,
conveyed a tract of 400 acres of land on Cub Creek in Augusta County,
Virginia, to Joseph Rutherford, December 31, 1760. May 16, 1768, Joseph
Rutherford divided this tract of land equally among three of his sons,
Joseph Jr., Reuben and Thomas. Joseph Rutherford entered an importation
right on Hill Meadow Spring, and obtained the land from Elinor Mountyjoy,
July 16, 1753.

Joseph Rutherford died testae. He devised his estate to his wife Mary, and
to his living sons Elliott, Joseph, Reuben, Robert and Archiblad. He
appointed Elliott Rutherford as his sole executor. The will of Joseph
Rutherford, dated June 7, 1787, was proved April 28, 1788 in Rockingham
County, Virginia. [His son Thomas was not listed - he had died in 1770]

-----5. Thomas Rutherford
died 1770 Augusta County, VA
[see Augusta County, VA records below]
wife Elizabeth

-----5. Joseph Rutherford Jr.
designated as a 2nd Lieutenant, November 23, 1779 in Rockingham County,
Virginia in Captain Reagan's Company, and he was administered the oath of
allegiance, March 27, 1780. Joseph Rutherford, and both his brothers
Archibald and Elliott, were listed in the military vouchers of Captain
Richard Reagen's Company No. 13, in 1788.

A tract of 150 acres of land in Rockingham County, Virginia on a branch of
Cub Run, adjoining Harmentrouts, was surveyed for Joseph Rutherford, Jr.,
August 3, 1785.
children: Thomas, John and Rhoda

-----5. Elliot Rutherford
d. 1826 Greene Co., TN,
md June 17, 1787, Frederick Co., VA, to Ruth Hays;
11 children: Samuel, Joseph, Elliot, Benjamin, James, Robert R., Sarah,
Mary, Louisa, William, Archibald.

-----5. Reuben Rutherford
married Eliner

-----5. Robert Rutherford
d. 1811 Rockingham VA
married 1772 Mary Sevier d/o Valentine Sevier
b. 1755 Rockingham Co
d. Harrisburg VA
5 children: Archibald, Elliott, Mary, Ann, and Robert.

-----5. Archibald Rutherford
d. 1789 Frederick Co. VA
married Barbara Laubinger
d/o George Michael Laubinger & Barbara Painter
3 children: Archibald, George and John

-----5. John Rutherford
5 children: Elliot, Noel, Calvin, William, John

-----5. Samuel Rutherford

Generation 5

-----5. Thomas Rutherford
d. in 1770 Augusta County, VA
wife: Elizabeth

MARCH 20, 1770
page 64 - Elizabeth Rutherford qualifies admx. of Thomas Rutherford

MARCH 21, 1771
page 184 - Elliott Rutherford appointed guardian of Robert, Joseph, Reuben
and Mary Rutherford, orphans of Thomas Rutherford.

MARCH 23, 1771
page 190 - Jacob Woodley, security for Elizabeth Rutherford, admx. of Thos.
Rutherford, decd., her late husband (since intermarried with Evan Price),
asks counter security.

BOOK No. 4

Page 285.--20th March, 1770. Elizabeth Rutherford's bond (with Jacob
Woodle, John Phillips) as administratrix of Thomas Rutherford.

page 396.--22d March, 1771. Elliott (Ellet) Rutherford's bond (with Daniel
Smith, John Gratton) as guardian to Robert, Joseph, Reuben, Mary
Rutherford, orphans of Thomas Rutherford.


Elizabeth & Spencer Hill of Botetourt Co VA, who married children of Thomas
Rutherford d. 1770 & Elizabeth

Robert Rutherford & Elizabeth Hill [widow of --- Ford] settled in present
Wayne Co WV

Spencer Hill & Mary Rutherford settled nearby, their daughter Elizabeth
married John Keyser & resided in present Putnam Co WV


Mem. for Mr. Williams: Enquire after Elliott Rutherford, executor to his
brother, Thomas Rutherford, who died about 20 years ago. Spencer Hill
married Mary Rutherford, daughter of Thomas Rutherford, deceased. Her
fortune is in the hands of Elliott Rutherford, who lives about a mile from
Rockingham Court House. Enquire what the fortune is, and how it is to be

N. B.--Suit must be brought in the name of Spencer Hill. The fortune is
supposed to have been about £30 pounds at first.

------6. Robert Rutherford
b. 1762 Augusta Co VA
d. 16 Mar 1851 Wayne Co. WV
wife: Elizabeth Hill, widow

------6. Joseph Rutherford
d. 1807

------6. Reuben Rutherford

------6. Mary Rutherford
b 15 Oct 1764 Botetourt Co
husband: Spencer Hill
married: 25 Feb 1788 Botetourt Co VA

Generation 6

------6. Joseph Rutherford Sr
b. in VA
d. in 1807 in Cocke County, TN
wife ?

-------7. Joseph Rutherford Jr.
-------7. John Rutherford - moved to the west

Joseph Rutherford, Peter Huff, Spencer Rice, John McNabb, William Lillard,
Alexander Rogers, Thomas Christian and Henry Patton were appointed in 1793
in a court in Jefferson County, TN to lay off a road from the mouth of
Pigeon River up the south side of the French Board to War Ford on the
Pigeon River.

Joseph Rutherford settled near Newport, Jefferson [now Cocke County] TN. A
tract of land was surveyed for the heirs of Joseph Rutherford deceased in
Cocke County, 3/17/1807.

Joseph Rutherford was most likely the father of these two men as well:
-------7. Edward Rutherford of Roane County, TN
-------7. William Rutherford

Generation 7

-------7. Edward Rutherford
b. abt 1790 VA
wife: Mary "Polly" Harkinson
b. abt. 1797 TN

Edward Rutherford was enumerated on the 1850 census as a resident of Roane
County, TN. In his declaration for a pension, based on the service of his
son Jasper, he stated the names of his children. Edward's twin sons Jasper
and Newton were both killed in service during the Civil War. Jasper S.
Rutherford enlisted 2/25/1862 at Cumberland Ford, TN. Edward's son Francis
lived in Roane County, TN and his son Philip lived in Wright County, TN.

--------8. Alexander Rutherford d. 3/15/1865 m. Sarah Shields
--------8. William F. Rutherford b. 1825
--------8. Philip Rutherford
--------8. James Rutherford
--------8. Francis M. Rutherford
--------8. Jasper S. Rutherford d. 4/11/1862
--------8. Newton B. Rutherford
--------8. Betty Jane Rutherford m. Richard Wakefield

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