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Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-PLANTATIONS] Robinson & Kelly in early 1800s JasperCounty Georgia, just north of Monticello -and Orange Grove in SC
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 11:47:03 -0400
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Thanks for your response Gary.
I did some research, and called around to a local library and got a couple
of historic maps, and then compared them with current maps to get an
estimated location. I now know from records that the land was comprehensive
of a large area, and it was somewhere near Murder Creek, it was west of
Shady Dale and north of Monticello. The main location that at least one
time was the main Robinson house and now includes the Robinson family
cemetery is just off Aldridge Road north of Liberty Church Road, about 6
miles north of Monticello in Jasper County. I know from family records that
the Robinsons were in the same area, farming same land, presumably for at
least two full, and possibly three or four, generations. So! That is a good

I have some historic documents & chapters from county books that show there
was a road that went through the area from VA to TX, and it gives some
information on early settlers but does not mention these family names. There
was a Cornelious Robinson in the area at the same time, but at this time
there is no known relationship to him. We are open to learning more however,
so if anyone can show a connection for this family it would be great!

I have the Robinson family on census records in 1850 Jasper County (all
members), and presumably the same family in 1840 and 1830. John Robinson was
name of the father and the grandfather of my Dr William C Robinson. He had
siblings: Martha who married Samuel Wilburn, James C, and John Robinson. It
seems at least every adult child in every Robinson generation 1750-1900 had
a male child they named John, and so it is hard to prove exactly who was
whom unless other info and ages is present!

I have a will from 1858 for Dr William C Robinson, and I have a shorter will
for his father John in 1857. The wills do give wife & children's names and
some of the slave's names and ages, and they do enumerate some of the
holdings (a harpsichord, a medical library, beds and chairs, etc.) Neither
will has a comprehensive inventory included, and neither will has anything
about farming/fieldwork/business or professional information of any kind in
the actual court documents I have found other than to say the heirs will

I do not have any records of what they farmed, or where, or how they traded
goods and services.
I am looking for any records of what happened to the property and immediate
area (economy, people, anything) before, during, and after the Civil War
I do not know how or where the connections with the Kelly family were
(The old Jasper County property/settlers map says "Robinson and Kelly"
across the area described
Above, north of Monticello and south of Murder Creek, at "Robinson
Creek." )
I am looking for any connections with the Morgan family, who were also in
Newton and Talbot Counties.
(Sarah F. Morgan married Dr William C Robinson in 1848 Jasper Co.
Unknown parents, probable brother is Asa Morgan, possible father is Hiram
I am looking for connections with a "Dr" Allen P. Morris b 1821 in NC or GA.
(He married the widow Mrs Sarah F. Robinson in 1859.)
I am looking for connections with Dr. Amos W. McCoy who was a physician, and
other McCoy family.
(Allen Morris may have trained with him in 1850 Montgomery, AL, his
family is from GA pre 1850.)
I am looking for anyone who has knowledge of Orange Grove Plantation in SC,
in order to check on possible relationship with the Robinson landowners
(John, James, William, etc) in Jasper Co GA 1840-1860.
I am looking for anyone with connections to these families in order to share

I appreciate any help or ideas as to where to look further.

Thanks for your help!


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Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-PLANTATIONS] Robinson & Kelly in early 1800s Jasper
County Georgia, just north of Monticello -and Orange Grove in SC

Does your paper work have the legal land descripstions on them?? If they do,
you can find it in the county atlas books.? Have you checked the county data
and history where they lived?? The census information should indicate they
were there.?


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Sent: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 1:12 pm
Subject: [SOUTHERN-PLANTATIONS] Robinson & Kelly in early 1800s Jasper
County Georgia, just north of Monticello -and Orange Grove in SC

Does anyone know how I would go about looking up this property and these
family names?
I have some family wills and other documents that may show this property,
owned originally presumably by John L Robinson, was located in Jasper
County, GA from abt 1820s or 30s until perhaps as late as 1900. Supposedly
the property is still there and the family cemetery is on the property (off
of Aldridge Road and north of Liberty Church Road.)

I am looking for early documents from the estate. They had about 20 slaves
1840, 1850 and 1860, and the son of John L Robinson, also named John
Robinson raised his kids there.
The four children of John Robinson Sr were James C, John L, William C, and
Martha Robinson Wilburn. I see the surname Kelly on plat maps and property
records but do not know where the connection was. William C Robinson b 1830
in Jasper d 1858 in Newton Co Ga, was also a physician and may have treated
the area residents. I also do not know if he studied officially or how he
may have learned medicine. I am hoping to find any documents for these
Robinson and Kelly families and land.

There may be some connection to the John Robinson in SC who owned Orange
Grove Plantation, of which I also have no information other than a few
pictures. His father is currently presumed to be Luke of Marlboro Co SC. I
would like any ideas on how else to research this branch and compare dates
and further names.

Thank you for any ideas or help.


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Manning/Alcolu, SC

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