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From: Linda Lewis <>
Subject: Re: [STATE-COORD] Further update from TGN/RW
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 01:36:34 -0500
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Karen wrote:

>First, our National Bylaws state that we are not allowed to have a
>link on our "home" page for profit. But that is exactly what they are going
>to put there, a direct link to Ancestry.

The 'for profit' referred to cc's putting their own books for sale on
the county pages, for instance, or advertising their genealogy business,
etc etc. We've always had counties with banners or "ads" for other
servers when they are placed on GeoCities, Angelfire, and others. That
was not against the by-laws.

> Second, the custom banner they have
>made for USGenWeb says "part of the community". USGenWeb is not
>and never has been a part of Ancestry.
If you look at the placement of the wording, the banner actually says
that rootsweb is an community.

>Third, Ancestry's Use clause says
>they can take any and all data you have placed on your web pages and do
>whatever they want with it, which includes putting it behind their
>pay-per-view front or burn it to CD's and sell it. But this is my "personal"
They cannot take the data and sell it or burn it to CD's because it's
copyrighted by our submitters.

>Keep in mind that any free web host may have more banners and stuff that you
>don't want. That's the price of "Free". So before signing up, make sure you
>know what you are getting.
We can move our pages to different servers everytime we pance, but we'll
never get the service and FREE technical support that Rootsweb has given
us for over 12 years.

And someone mentioned our getting paid for the affilitate link to
Ancestry - that is against the by-laws.

On the other hand, I agree with whoever said we should all get free
subscriptions. <g>



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