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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [STATE-COORD] Fw: Questions regarding announcement
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 14:50:00 -0400

Please forward to USGenWeb Project lists.

Forwarded from David Graham, Sr. Product
Manager Further questions and concerns from
USGenWeb Project members who host sites on TGN/RW are
being gathered and will be communicated to David to
address. Thank you all for continuing to share your
questions and concerns with the Advisory Board.

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project



We have the following questions from across the Project.
I am certain there will be more to follow:

1. Are you aware of how many states and counties have
already moved off RootsWeb? Does Rootsweb and Ancestry
understand the inevitable consequences of this latest

I don't have a specific count of state and county pages
that have moved off of RootsWeb at this time. We do
recognize that some may choose to be hosted elsewhere due
to this announcement, but we are truly working to ensure
that this change does not affect the RootsWeb online
experience at all. It should not change the experience of
being hosted on RootsWeb.

2. Does this mean Ancestry will include the Rootsweb
sites in their Search on Ancestry, either by subscription
free and/or both?

There is no change in what is surfaced in Ancestry's
search due to this change. The pages and data on RootsWeb
will continue to be part of the separate, free RootsWeb
online experience. There is no plan to require a
subscription to access user content from RootsWeb.

3. How will this effect search engines and counters, etc
that are in use our existing

People should continue to be able to find your pages when
using search engines. Right now the search engines will
have listings for the old RootsWeb URLs, and it will take
a while for the new URLs to show up in search engines.
Since we will be redirecting members to the new URLs,
though, they will still be able to access the pages
regardless of what links come up through the search

As far as impact on page counters, I don't think there
will be an impact, but I will need to verify with our
technical experts and get back to you on that.

4. Are the mailing lists affected by this? Either the
mailing lists administered by the USGenWeb Project
Advisory Board or the many county and other lists
maintained coincidently by USGenWeb Project volunteers?

This change should not affect mailing lists in any way.
If we find that this is not the case, we will make sure to
let you know.

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

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