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Subject: Re: STEVENSON/STEPHENSON Revolutionary War Records
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 12:56:15 GMT

Stephenson, James PA Line,s3973, applied 8 sept 1832 Trumbull Co Ohio age
he lived in Chester County PA at enlistment, solder was born in 1755 in the
North of Ireland and he came to America in 1773 and landed in Phildelphia in
Aug, 1773, In 1827 solder had 14 living Children and 4 deceased children,
not named,

James of James Stephenson, South Carolina Line, Ellen,w9685,BLW
#31717-160-55, solder was born in 1764 in PA, and he lived on fishing Creek
of in 96 district South Carolina at Enlistment, He applied 3ed Sept 1832
Logan County Kentuckey,solder Had Married Ellen Wims in 1783, and a John a
Lamb and Mary Stevenson were witnesses to her application but no
relationship was given, solder Had applied there BLW 12 may 1855

John ,North Carolina Line, Elizabeth, W4815, solder was born 23 july 1758 in
Lancaster County PA. and he lived in Rowan County North Carolina, the Part
That became Iredell 23 County North Carolina at enlistment there at Iredell
county 23 Aug 1832, Solder Brother William Stevenson age 69 was a resident
there in 1832, AND SOLDER DIED there in 2 ed nov 1836, SOLDER HAD M
Elizabeth Moffit on Sept 1st 1785 in Rowan County (later Iredell County)
North Carolina. His widow applapplied 16 May 1843 in Iredall County and her
age at that time was 82, In 1848 a Prudence Stevenson aged 79 was a resident
of Iredale County North Carolina but no relationship was Given, This Solders
and widows Children were; Twins Mary and William born 26 June 1786, Rachel
born 19 Jan 1788, David Moffitt Stevenson born Aug 1789, Jean born in 1790,
Margaret Born 1792, Furgas Born in Febuary 1794, Agness Born 1795,Elizabeth
Born in 1797, Thomas Born in 1799, Prudence born in May 1801, Anny born in
November 1802, Rebecca Born in June 1805

John Stevenson, North Carolina or South Carolina ?, r10142, applied 4 april
1846 Murry County Georgia, age 96 years, Solder was born in Ireland and came
to America Having Landed in Charlston South Carolina in 1772, and from there
moved to "Waxhaw" settlement in North Carolina whitch was on a live between
North and South Carolina and he live there until 1803, Then moved to
Pendelton District South Carolina for 11 years,Then He moved to what is now
Todd County KY for 11 years and then returned to Pendelton District South
Carlina and and then moved to Dekalb County Georgia, and then moved to Murry
County Ga, Solder had refered to a wife in 1780(she was not named) In 1853
one William was mentioned as sole Adminastrator but no relationship was

Nathaniel, PA Line, Mary W2266 solder enlisted in Cumberland County PA.and
about 1879 he moved to Westmoreland County PA and about 1797 He Moved to
Butler County PA. where he applied 11 Aug 1818 age 67 , Solder Married 4
July 1779 at Carlisle PA to Mary Allen, Solder died 17 or 19 of March(both
dates given) 1839 and his widow applied 2 July 1849, Butler County PA age
96, both solder and widow had received a PA Pension,Solder and Widow had 10
Children, but only ones named were Jane the oldest, who was born in Jan 1780
and she married Mr. Thompson, George, Elizabeth, Hugh who was born 17 Aug
1787,Mary who was age 22 in 1820, and James who was 17 in 1820, and a son
Hugh who was a resident of Butler County PA in 1840

Peter, MA Line, Elizabeth, W20072, solder applied 18 December 1833,Saratoga
County NewYork age 80, Solder had enlisted at old Marlborough MA, solder was
born in Glascow in Scottland, after the Revolutionary War Solder lived in
Saratoga NY for 3 years then moved to Argile NY, Solder died 6 Sept 1843,
Widow Applied 22 Sep 1843 at Menreau NY age 75, a son Peter Stevenson, Jr
made aff"dt in 1842 age 54, widow died 2 Oct 1844 leaving children who in
april 1846 were: James and Peter Stevenson Jr, Both of Moreau Ny, Mary
Brisbin and Lucretia Dickerson both of Schuyerville NY. Phinehas Stevenson
and Sara Lane both of Florida NY, Margaret Hill of Clayton NY and William
Stevenson of Sherburn NY

Robert Stephenson, PA Line, S7643, solder was born 25 March 1759 in York
County PA and while still a child he moved with his father to Cumberland
County PA, and lived there at enlistment,and afterwards moved to Washington
County PA and in 1816 he moved to Adams County Ohio, The Part That Became
Brown County Ohio where he applied 1st april 1834

Robert Stephenson, VA line, r10144 applied 12 sept 1832 Carroll County TN,
Solder was Born 20 May 1753 in Augusta County VA and he also enlisted there
and after the Revolutionary War he he Lived in South Carolina for a While
then Moved to Carroll County Tennessee

Samuel Stephenson, VA Line, Jane , W8769, Widow applied 22 September 1842
Woodford County KY where Lexington Ky now stands and solder also served from
there against the Indians, Children shown were; James the oldest was born 21
April 1772,Marthy born 23 Febuary 1774, John Born 22 July 1776, Mary Born 23
Dec 1778 and ,samuel born 31 May 1781,Thomas born 10 Oct 1783, Robert Born 8
December 1785, Jane born 10 Jan 1788 and twins William and Alexander born 10
Oct 1791, solder and widow had married 23 May 1771 In Augusta County VA and
solder died 17 Dec 1825, the children Mary, Robert and Alexander were
witness to there mother's application in 1842

Stephen Stephenson, served as a captian in the PA Line, BLW#2013-300-12 Jan
1791,no papers

William Stephenson Cont Line,BLW #2212-200, one Frances L. Mallory widow
ofCharles S Mallory signed p.o.a. 18 May 1838 on Norfork County VA as the
only heir at law of the deceased solder(her relationship to solder not

William Stevenson, BLW #8721-100-28 July served as a Private in the New
Jersey Line

William Stevenson, BLW #10442-100-9, april 179? served as private Moylan's
Dragoons in the PA Line

William Stevenson, PA Line,S239557, applied in Sept 1832 Franklin County PA,
Solder was Born 1 st april 1746 in Ireland and he Lived in Lancaster County
PA when He enlisted

William Stevenson, South Carolina Line, R10146, solders brother James
Stevenson made aff'dt 19 June 1852 in Logan County KY, aged 87 and stated
that he had served with his brother William Stevenson and the he (James was
a Revolutionary War Pensioner, The solder William Stevenson died 14 December
1834 leaving Children, James and Elizabeth Stevenson, Mary Kesselbach, Ann
Glasgow, Sara Cranford, Ruth Pidcock and William Stevenson, the daughter of
Ruth Pidcock made Aff'dt 23 June 1854 in Todd County Kentuckey

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