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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.03 update is now available.
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 18:36:33 -0400

The TMG v5.03 update is now available. It includes some new reports, fixes
some bugs as reported to us by users, and adds a number of powerful new
features as described in the change log below.

The new reports in this update include the Individual Narrative Preview,
Individual Narrative Preview with Sources, and the List of Sources Preview
reports. These reports are centered on the current focus person and, among
other things, provide a quick way to measure the effect of modifying
sentence structures, name and place styles, and source templates.

We encountered a number of difficult problems and we apologize that the
release of these reports was delayed much longer than expected. But the
content of these three reports form the foundation for most of the others
so we fully expect that additional reports will be released more quickly
now. We appreciate your patience.

To download and apply the update (3182894 bytes), run TMG, access the Help
menu and choose "Check for an update." Alternatively, you can choose
"Check for a Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The Master
Genealogist group.

The update and applied automatically and re-launch TMG which should then
reflect a version number of "v5.03.000".

Bob Velke
Wholly Genes Software

=== Change Log v5.03 ====
o Fixed direct import from Generations
o Added direct import from Legacy v4
o Added direct import from FTW v10
o Added Check for Duplicate People on the Tools menu
- When viewing a list of merge candidates,
you can now exclude a pair so that they will
not be matched next time.
o Added Merge Two People on the Tools menu
- Color options added to Preferences > Program
Options > Other
o Added the Individual Narrative Preview report
- Displays paragraph(s) about the current focus person
using sentence structures, variables, and styles as
specified on the Tag Entry screen.
- Preview characteristics are controlled by a new Printer
defaults page in Preferences.
- Other formatting options (e.g., "Blanks for missing data",)
use default settings. They will be configurable in the
next release.
- The Preview window includes a Print button.
o Added the Individual Narrative Preview with Sources report
- Shows source citations embedded.
o Added the List of Sources Preview report
- Displays a list of sources that are linked to the current
focus person.
- Applies the Bibliography source template.
o Added buttons for new reports on the Reporting toolbar
o Added an option to the custom toolbar
to "Run a report of a specific name."
o Added some additional checks to Validate File Integrity
to check for and repair some unusual circumstances.
o Character values in a filter or Accent condition can now
contain multiple values separated by "|" which is
interpreted as "OR". For instance:
GivenName Contains ROB|BOB
is interpreted as
"GivenName contains ROB or GivenName contains BOB"
See the updated Help file for more examples.
o Master Source List
- Redesigned to be much faster with large projects.
- Added a button to "Cite Globally".
o Master Repository List
- Redesigned to be much faster with large projects.
o Master Place List
- Added a <Replace> button (Global Search and
- Added an <Events> button which opens a List of
Events window which shows all of the events at
the highlighted place.
o Master Event List
- Added an <Edit> button which which you can now
edit an event directly from within the master list.
o A utility comparable to TMG4's REPAIR.EXE is now
built into TMG5.
- If a physical error in the file is encountered (e.g.,
after a power failure), then an error will be triggered
and the program will shut down. On restarting, however,
the program will be in "Repair Mode" which causes
TMG to check (and fix, if possible) the physical file
integrity of every file that it opens. The program will
stay in Repair Mode until it is shut down and restarted.
- When in "Repair Mode", those words will appear in
the application title bar.
o GEDCOM export, wall charts, and some future reports
include an option to "Suppress details for living people".
Upon popular request, the definition of "living people" in
that context was changed from "LIVING flag=Y"
(ala TMG4) to "LIVING flag<>"N". That is, people with
a LIVING flag of "?" are now considered not living for
the sake of the output options.
o The Reference field is now available on the Add Person
o Tag Memos - you can now link to external text files
- Start the memo with an exclamation point
(e.g., "!c:\mydata\smith family.txt")
- Reference plain (ASCII) text files only.
- When you expand the memo with (with F7 or the <Memo>
button), it displays the contents of the specified file.
- Reports will use the contents of the external file in
place of the memo.
o Right-click menus have been revised and updated with
new some options.
o The Help file has been updated in many areas.


PS: "YES! We have NEW Bananas!".

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