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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.04 has been released
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 06:58:17 -0500

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Wholly Genes Newsletter
9 November 2002

=== TMG v5.04 released ======================

The TMG v5.04 update is now available. It includes many new reports, fixes
some bugs as reported to us by users, and adds a number of powerful new
features as described in the change log below.

These reports were previously implemented:
Ancestor Box Chart
Descendant Box Chart
Hourglass Box Chart
Fan Chart
Individual Narrative preview
Individual Narrative preview with sources
List of Sources preview

These 12 additional reports are implemented in v5.04:
Ahnentafel (narrative and columnar varieties)
Ahnentafel - Direct Line (narrative and columnar varieties)
Descendant Indented Narrative
Individual Narrative
Kinship Report
List of Sources
Project Information
Relationship Chart
Statistical Report

In each case, the Report Definition Screen gives the user control over the
report characteristics.

The subject of the report can be identified a variety of ways, depending on
the report type. For the narrative reports, for instance, the subject can
be an individual, a filtered group of people, the members of a Focus Group,
a group of people who are selected on the Project Explorer, or all people
in the project. An <Options> button leads to a set of tabs containing
dozens of other configuration options. Reports can now be output to
screen, printer, or ASCII text file (word processor and HTML output is not
yet implemented).

Custom report configurations can now be created and selected from the
Report Definition Screen for all supported report types. Note that each of
the "preview" reports (which are executable from a button on the Reporting
toolbar) has its own report configuration which can now be customized. For
instance, if you access the Individual Narrative report from the Report
menu and select "Individual Narrative preview" from the list of
configurations, you can customize that report and the changes will be
honored when you next click on the preview button on the reporting toolbar.

In addition, these new features are available:

o A huge number of new filtering options is now available. The filter
screen supports elaborate AND/OR conditions and many new fields and
operators (e.g., Like, Between, etc.) in order to help you find just the
subset of people that you want.

o Character filter values may include two or more value separated by an
"|" character. For instance, "GivenName = ROBERT|BOB" will find people
whose given name is either Robert or Bob.

o Character filter values support [?] which will cause the report to
pause when generated and ask the user to fill in the blank.

o A filter that is designed in the Picklist can be saved to a file (FLP)
and then opened and used in the Project Explorer or report filters (and
vice versa).

o A new "Printer Setup" option on the File menu lets you select the
printer, paper, orientation, and margins for the report output.

o Added an option to leave the window open when changing the focus to a
person in the Focus Group.

o Improved direct import from Legacy 4 and Generations.

o Improved GEDCOM export.

o Improved localization for screens/menus in Norwegian, Dutch, and German

o Ahnentafel reports are no longer limited to 63 generations (as in TMG4).

o Added a number of new functions for the Custom Toolbar (e.g., Load a
specific project, Load a specific accent definition, Add a Tag of a
specific type, etc.).

o Added an option to the File menu to rename a project.

o Add an option to search the web for the current focus person.

o The Help file has been greatly expanded to include topics for these and
other new features.

To download and apply the update (6891837 bytes), run TMG, access the Help
menu and choose "Check for an update." Alternatively, you can choose
"Check for a Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The Master
Genealogist group. The update and applied automatically and re-launch TMG
which should then reflect a version number of "v5.04.000".

The next features in the pipeline include the List of People report, List
of Tasks report, Journal Report, and word processor output. We will get
them to you as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience.

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