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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.05.000 is now available
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 16:38:52 -0500

The following is extracted from the Wholly Genes Newsletter.
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(Because of the volume, this issue may not be delivered to everyone for a
few hours)

TMG v5.05.000 is now available. This release includes the report formats
that were most requested by users as well as some additional reports and
new features as follows:

o Family Group Sheets
- Optionally supports pictures
- Many other options for configuring fonts, memos, sources, etc.

o List of People report
- Optional output to Excel, dBase, and other spreadsheet and
database formats
- Secondary Output options allow you to use the selected group of
people to:
o Create a new project
o Lock timelines globally
o Unlock timelines globally
o Change flags globally

o Individual Detail report
- Optionally supports pictures.
- Output flag values
- Output timelines
- Many other options for configuring fonts, tags, dates, places, etc.

o Distribution of People report
- Produces a frequency distribution of a specified characteristic.
- For instance, get a list of states and the number of people named
SMITH who were born there.
- 200+ fields from which to choose.

o Output to PDF (Acrobat) format
- Now available for all supported report types.
- A PDF file is an easy way to share your data by e-mail.

o Performance Recommendations
- This new option under File > Maintenance gives advice about how to
improve the program speed.

o Image Thumbnails
- This option (Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced)
takes a little more disk
space but improves performance of the Exhibit Log.
- Allows backups to include a small version of each image without
embedding the full image file.

o Filter progress window
- Shows the result of each filter clause as it is being calculated
- Shows the combined effect of multiple filter clauses

o Other miscellaneous new/improved features:
- Even better imports from Legacy and Generations
- The Bookmark Manager is no longer limited to 25 bookmarks
- Improved localization (for users of TMG in other languages)
- A variety of new options for Preferences, filters, history tags,
and the custom toolbar.
- Updated help file

o a number of bug fixes as reported to us by users.

With this release, TMG v5 supports 20 report formats - but there are more
to come. We want to thank the many users who have taken the time to send
encouraging words of support to us as we struggled through many unexpected
problems and delays. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we
appreciate the patience, faith, and good wishes from the growing TMG
community. We owe a special thanks to our dedicated beta testers who got
much more than they bargained for <b>.

To download and apply the v5.05 update (10360627 bytes), run TMG, access
the Help menu and choose "Check for an update." Alternatively, you can
choose "Check for a Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The
Master Genealogist group. The update will be applied and TMG will be
re-launched automatically, reflecting a version number of "v5.05.000" on
the startup screen.

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