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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.07.000 is now available
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 01:40:32 -0400

Extracted from the Wholly Genes Newsletter which will be
published on Monday, 28 April 2003.

TMG v5.07.000 is now available. This release does not yet include any
new reports but simply fixes a number of bugs that were discovered
after the release of v5.06.000 as follows:

- Fixed a variety of circumstances that would cause the mouse
cursor to temporarily disappear.
- The program now recognizes keystrokes that were made before
the window opened (aka "typeahead").
- When moving people between data sets, new tag types would
sometimes be created (e.g., Education2) instead of using the
existing one.
- The Find/Replace functions are now available in the Sentence field.
- There were some circumstances in which duplicate places were
not removed by the Optimize feature.
- And/Or connectors were not saved properly under some
circumstances in a report filter.
- Fixed a handful of filter conditions that did not work.
- The count of witnesses was sometimes wrong on the
Project Information report.
- The right-click options for embedded citations did not work.
- The Timeline edit process did not respect the Timeline path set
in Preferences
- The List of People report would sometimes appear to lock up
the program when output to a file.
- It was sometimes not possible to add the number of
generations to search on a report filter.
- Fixed some translation issues for researchers in other languages.
- On the Add Person Template, the custom place style
sometimes did not stick
- After changing principals of a marriage, the program was
sometimes confused about who was the last viewed spouse.
- Using the List of People report to copy people to a different
project, sometimes neglected to copy custom flags.
- Box Charts and Fan Charts did not honor the program language.
- Added an hourglass cursor for some operations that didn't
have one while the program was busy.
- On the Project Information report, the number of places
was off by 1
- Fixed an error message when clicking on the father's ID
column in the Expanded Picklist.
- Shortcut keys did not work if Caps Lock was on.
- The vertical scrollbar on the Expanded Picklist was misaligned
- Fixed the display of surety values after using the Cite a
Source Globally feature
- Fixed some rare problems when importing from UFT
- After starting the Relationship Calculator there was a line
thruough the Calculate button
- The bottom of the Master Place List column headings
were cut off
- Fixed an occasional error message when opening a research
task attached to a person or to a disabled data set.
- Fixed an erroneous warning message that popped up in
some circumstances when adding a son or daughter.
- The internal spelling checker did not always work properly
on tag sentences
- Fixed some screen distortion issues when windows are resized

To download and apply the free v5.07 update (12046157 bytes),
run TMG, access the Help menu and choose "Check for
an update." Alternatively, you can choose "Check for a
Program Update" from the Windows Start menu >
The Master Genealogist group. The update will be applied
automatically. Upon restarting, the startup screen will reflect
a version number of "v5.07.000."

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