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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.08.000 is now available
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 23:56:42 -0400

TMG v5.08.000 is now available.

Per the announcement and newsletter earlier today, this update primarily
fixes an unexpected "File is in use" error that started on this date and
prevented all report output. Some of TMG's temporary file names are based
on a calculation involving the system clock but that calculation started
producing invalid results earlier today.

We think that we are very close to a release that includes word processor
output, the Journal report, and some other reports but the severity of this
problem took precedence and we made every effort to provide a fix on the
same day.

In addition to fixing the "File is in use" error, this update includes a
few new features and a variety of bug fixes as follows:

- Added a new button on the Data Set Manager to renumber a data set.
- Added new features to the Exhibit Log for External Text exhibit. An
external text exhibit can now refer to any sort of file. An effort to
"View" any non-TXT file will trigger the application that is associated
with that file extension (e.g., Excel for XLS, Word for DOC, Internet
Explorer for HTM, etc.). *NOTE*, however, that only real text (TXT) files
will be embedded in TMG reports when exhibit output is supported. Also,
Internal text exhibits can only be TXT files.
- Help files have been updated.
- Language translation files have been updated.
- Item tips no longer time out.
- Relationship tags are now included in the list of fields in List of
People filters.
- Fixed a problem viewing the Reference field when the Add Person screen is
- The death date was not updated sometimes when an existing death event was
reassigned to another person.
- Fixed the List of Source filter by Source type.
- Improved the UFT and GEDCOM imports.
- GEDCOM export: Source Compiler and Editor are now exported.
- Research log now checks for (and prohibits) irregular dates.
- Numeric filter values now support the [?] variable.
- The Tag Entry screen sometimes did not allow scrolling to all of the roles.
- Cancelling the Report Definition Screen deleted the Language checkmark.
- F2 in a date field didn't sort dates properly.
- A Relationship tag sometimes displayed a non-primary birth date for the
- All Reports: the name of a Selected Focus Group was not saved with the
Report Definition.
- The "no sureties" warning was triggered when in Beginners data entry mode.
- Visual Chartform: fixed a problem with siblings on an ancestor box chart.
- Default styles weren't applied to the Add Person window.
- Fixed Backup-wrong message when the floppy disk was missing.
- Fixed some isolated filter problems and a variety of more esoteric bugs.

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